Head of Product – Wellbeing

The Role – Head of Product – Wellbeing
The last 18 months have been a transformative period for the topic of mental health. We’ve all gone on our own wellbeing journeys – for many, it has been a time of grief, loneliness, and anxiety while for others, it has been an opportunity for reflection and growth. If there is a silver lining from the last year it’s that the appreciation, education, and investment in mental health and wellbeing has been accelerated.

We have spent the last 5 years creating the Unmind experience as a small UK startup. We are now ready to take that to the next level, making it best in class, a truly market-leading B2B experience with a B2C calibre. This is where you come in. We are looking for someone who understands the power of digital products in transforming people’s habits and who is energised to change the relationship people and organisations have, around the world, with the topic of mental health.

As the Head of Product for Wellbeing, you will be responsible for leading and growing a brand new Collective, along with our existing Collectives to ensure happy, healthy teams as we scale. We plan for Collective leadership to be shared between you and our current Head of Product as we grow, once she returns from Maternity leave in autumn 2022.

Here’s how you’ll contribute as Head of Product – Wellbeing:

  • You’ll support the product teams to build high-quality products, driven by a deep understanding of our customers and how to bring impactful products to market.
  • You’ll help develop the product vision, strategy and capabilities along with the VP of Product and other Leaders to deliver against the Unmind mission. You will support the product teams in setting clear measurable goals and relating them back to our customers priorities.
  • You’ll promote a learning mindset and not only be constantly ensuring Unmind is at the forefront of the latest product development thinking, but also constantly learning about its users & customers through continuous discovery and delivery.
  • You’ll promote an environment of diversity, transparency and trust, where your team can feel empowered to share ideas, be challenged, and fulfill their potential.

Skills and Experience
We firmly believe that no one is the finished article and that there should be learning in every role you do. However, some experience in the following is important for the role.

Who you are: :

  • Hands-on impact: You have hands-on experience delivering ambitious, impactful products. You have an entrepreneurial track record of taking an idea to reality.
  • Vision and strategy: You are able to dream big and rally the team around a vision. You are able to build consensus in the business around a strategy and support the teams and collectives in getting there.
  • Data-informed: You’ve got a way with numbers, as well as a strong business sense, and the ability to inform strategic business decisions.
  • Customer-centric: You have a customer-centric mindset and are enthusiastic about helping customers solve problems and delivering on our mission.
  • Collaboration: You understand that great ideas come from anywhere and collaboration across disciplines and experiences is the key to building great products.
  • Team leadership: You are an experienced leader having led and grown teams of 4 or more product managers in the past, or similar. You excel at building strong, diverse teams and creating an inclusive space where people can learn and do their best work.