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Senior Product Manager – Form Publisher

We are a small, growing, and profitable software company named Talarian that is building the future of spreadsheet-driven business applications !

Some of our products include YAMM, Awesome Table, and Form Publisher. They are used by millions and some of the most popular products in the Google Workspace marketplace.

Our team is around 35 people and global (we have people based in France, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, US, Philippines, UK, Ireland, Nigeria, Spain), all highly motivated and competent. We are a remote-first company: anyone can work fully remotely.

We’re a transparent organization. Important metrics and numbers are communicated to all team members. Decisions are discussed collaboratively, not behind closed doors. If you value being part of the discussions on how to shape the future of the product, by giving your input, weighing in and being heard, then you might just be happy to work with us.

Our product values are: simplicity, empowerment, and getting out of the way.

Job description:

We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Product Manager to lead the Form Publisher product. Form Publisher is a lightweight tool for digitizing and automating administrative document-centric processes that start with Google Forms or Google Sheets.

Sounds boring right? It’s really not! We have so many different types of customers it’s actually fascinating, and gives you a direct lens in how many organizations work under the hood.

Here’s a few reasons why it’s interesting to take that job:

●  Form Publisher is operating profitably, and has real product/market fit: it has a large user base (millions of users and thousands of customers), users really like Form Publisher, as you can see from the reviews online
●  Form Publisher’s market is global (65% AM, 25% EMEA, 15% APAC) with users from all types of organizations (corporate, healthcare practitioners, NGO’s, schools…) and there are many different use-cases as a result
●  The product is composed of many end-user sub-products: Google Forms add-on, Google Sheets add-on, web dashboard, email notifications, making it a rich and varied surface area to work on
●  There are many directions the product can go into (simpler and more accessible, more and richer features, more form engine integrations, more document storage integrations, …), making this mission very open-ended
●  Form Publisher has achieved its success while having a subpar UX and feature flexibility. This only speaks to its potential. There are a lot of complex engineering problems to solve behind the scenes in order to improve simplicity and flexibility
●  Maintaining and improving reliability at this scale while launching new features is a genuine challenge

The acting PM is the CEO, so you’ll be the first to take on that role full-time. We are a small team (<10 people), so you won’t be one of a hundred and your impact will be felt inside and outside the company. This also means that this is a full-stack hands-on rolled-up sleeves role. People who want a pure “strategy consulting” job and don’t want to get their hands dirty need not apply. In order to do your job well, you will have to get neck-deep into technical details and arcane customer support issues.

The Senior Product Manager will report to the CEO and work closely with the Engineering, Support and Marketing teams. One career path for the right candidate, should she want it, is to become CEO of Form Publisher.

Core responsibilities:
●  Write functional specifications for everything: new features, bug fixes, billing system upgrades, etc. Break down the specs into Jira tickets
●  Coordinate and plan development, releases and issue remediation with Engineering, Technical Writers, Support and Marketing
●  Talk to customers and track key metrics
●  Drive the roadmap conversation with various stakeholders to achieve growth and customer satisfaction

Most of those describe you:
●  You’re a problem solver at heart and you love getting to the bottom of things. You are very logical and detail oriented.
●  As an expert of nothing, you understand that your role is to ask questions and then structure and synthesize the answers you get.
●  You excel at writing and you like it. You write clearly and concisely. You care about every single word, about formatting, about presentation.You do not content yourself with boring bullet-point lists, you synthesize and you like to tell a good story. You are also very good at verbal communication
●  You are not necessarily a good coder, but you are technical and understand how software is built (front-end, back-end, APIs, etc).
●  You like making spreadsheets and automating things
●  You work for users and customers primarily. You want to talk to customers.
●  You have a good sense of what makes a great product, and an eye for design
●  Ideally, you have some leadership experience

●  Experience: 5+ years of experience in a product management at a software company, preferably a SaaS
●  Language: completely fluent English, French is a plus but not necessary. Did I mention you should write well?
●  Project management: Form Publisher has a ton of users, and prioritization can be really challenging. You need to be extremely organized and flexible.
●  Tools: you know and love Google Workspace, and ideally, you have experience with Jira, Github, Zendesk or equivalent

●  A good compensation that gives you financial peace of mind, wherever you live
●  30 days of paid time off (including national holidays)
●  Medical, dental and vision insurance (depending on the type of contract)
●  Paid parental leave

Interview process:
1. Phone screening interview with our recruiter
2. If that goes well, we’ll send you a product test
3. You’ll then move on to an interview with a Lead Engineer
4. Finally, an interview with the CEO and CTO

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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