Product Manager

What we’re looking for
We are a product-led company and we need passionate, entrepreneurial-minded individuals that are risk-takers, big thinkers, creatives, and evangelists to help us build something incredible.

We are looking for an experienced Product Manager to be a primary contributor to our small but mighty team. You’ll be responsible for helping craft our roadmap and take ownership of product from discovery through delivery. You’ll work closely with product designers, engineers, and the marketing team to help achieve Tribevest’s objectives and balance those objectives with customer needs.

About You
You deeply empathize with customers.

You put every effort into understanding what our customers need. You leverage your experience and intuition, but what you don’t know, you learn through qualitative and quantitative research. You’re comfortable structuring and performing experiments and then analyzing the results.

You understand the value of discovery.

You pride yourself as much on the things that don’t get built as the things that do. You understand that small feedback loops, accurate data and rapid iteration are the key to a successful product.

You solve business problems.

You internalize business objectives and ship products and experiences that reach them. You understand how to focus on a core hypothesis and don’t get distracted by features that detract from that goal.

You have strong opinions, weakly held.

You express your opinions passionately but are open to changing those opinions in the face of new data. You challenge your colleagues to consider alternative viewpoints and advocate for the customer every step of the way. You focus on finding a shared vision and strategic alignment with your partners and strive for continual progress.

Expectations & Responsibilities
You have 4+ years of experience in product management, user experience, or a related field.
You will be actively involved with defining product strategy & roadmaps
Identify when and how to conduct user research studies and put the insights into action.
Learn everything there is to know about group investing and wealth-building.
Present your work to leadership as well as peers across the company.
You have the ability to collaborate with partners in product design and engineering through the whole product lifecycle.

About Us
Tribevest helps growth-minded friends invest in assets together through standardized group ownership so they can level up and build wealth instead of going it alone.

The Wealthy have been investing in alternative assets together for years, but we believe group investing shouldn’t just be for the rich. With an average 7x gap between an individual’s and professional’s portfolio, the wealth gap is wide enough!

Instead of going it alone and missing out on deals reserved only for the rich, we’ve reverse engineered and standardized group ownership to open doors and allow like-minded friends to spread the risk and have fun investing together.

We’ve made building wealth with friends easy, letting you achieve financial freedom and level up through your experience.

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