Senior Product Manager

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels at visual recognition. We do not sell an abstract, futuristic technology – we sell a solution that people can use today to solve real-world problems. We believe that the same AI technology that gives big tech companies a competitive edge should be available to developers or businesses of any size or budget. That’s why we build products to make it easy, quick, and inexpensive for developers and businesses to innovate with AI, go to market faster, and build better user experiences. We make “teaching” AI just as accessible as we make using AI, which is why our technology is the most personalizable, unbiased, accurate solution in the market.

We have secured a $30M Series B round of funding and are backed by Menlo Ventures, Google Ventures, USV, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Osage, Lux Capital, LDV Capital, and Corazon Capital.  To continue to succeed, we need people like you to join the team here in NYC!

Clarifai is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.


As the third member of our Product Team, you represent our users’ voices today and envision what the next 100 million users would want. You make the connection between where we want to be as a company and what we need to build from a technology standpoint to get there.

You collaborate with the Customer Team to capture actionable feedback from clients and users to prioritize what features and products need to be built next which informing the team of our new products coming to market. You work closely with the Engineering Team to define the product requirements and bring the product to market.

You continually iterate on your process, directly contribute to iterations on the product roadmap, and successfully execute on your team’s projects. You formulate plans for what projects we can realistically complete based on each team’s capabilities and bandwidth.


In your first month, you will start off by learning the ropes. You will:

  • Get familiar with our product, as well as the Customer and Engineering Teams. We would like you to take this time to get comfortable working with what we’ve built and who has helped build it so far, and give us the feedback only a fresh perspective can bring.
  • Learn about the distinctive challenges that we are currently facing as we make progress towards our product roadmap.

In 3 months, you start putting yourself out there. You will:

  • Take ownership of the next feature or product on the roadmap. You’ll work with engineering and design to develop a document that details specific product and feature requirements.
  • Join customer calls and start interviewing users directly to help better understand their experiences and identify areas of potential product improvement.

6 months down the road, you will:

  • Lead user testing efforts both internally and externally, with a focus on user experience and accessibility.
  • Work with the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience Teams to prepare for the launch of your first product feature.
  • Evangelize the products and features that you have worked on to ensure that everyone understands the value they provide to our users.

12 months later, you will have completed your first release to the general public. You will:

  • Provide significant contribution to Clarifai’s ongoing product strategy.
  • Drive growth and adoption of Clarifai’s products through creative and innovative experiments.
  • Help build the product team by interviewing new product managers. When they join us, you’ll coach and mentor them, so that they can learn and grow.

In the future, you will strive to have Clarifai’s products used all over the world.


As a Senior Product Manager at Clarifai, you will build products that will make artificial intelligence accessible to every developer in the world. You will be an advocate for users and strive to provide the most intuitive user experience possible.