Are you highly curious? Do you value learning?

The 2022 EBSCO Product Strategy Internship is a cross-discipline experience for college students who want to learn to change the world through research, design, & product strategy. 10-week PAID internship alongside a cohort of 3-4 global peers. No experience needed. Apply today!

EBSCO Product Interns Strategy Interns are highly curious, with a large capacity to learn. They are creative, but also structured and organized so that they can work effectively both independently and collaboratively in a larger team. They make connections from disparate data sets and share meaningful insights & takeaways for others to leverage. They are excellent critical thinkers: they break a problem down to components; consistently noting the differences between facts, opinions, assumptions and beliefs. They have a strong interest in our end-users and customers, and how our products and services should help them.

What you’ll do

  • As a new member of the Product Management team, you will have the opportunity to learn how actual product managers in large B2B companies gather data, make informed decisions, and ship products that solve customer & user problems today.
  • You will work closely with the Product Manager, Vice President of Product Management, and other leaders in the PM organization. You will also meet and have the opportunity to collaborate with many teams across EBSCO, including but not limited to leaders from Corporate Strategy, Sales, User Research & Design (UXR), Finance, Platform & Technology, Sales, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Operations, Business Operations, HR, and more.
  • As part of a cohort of PM Interns for 2022, you will be challenged to own high impact projects for the business and think outside the box, but also collaborate deeply with other Interns & internal experts on projects to advance EBSCO & the industry more broadly. Projects may include post-launch product analysis, mapping user journeys in analytics platforms to user research, analyzing how products meet user’s most important needs, and researching brand new ideas for EBSCO to explore.
  • Product Interns play an important role in helping EBSCO re-imagine the future and build better experiences for our customers. When you see opportunities for growth and improvement, you will demonstrate humility, courage, and collaboration, which includes a strong willingness to learn from others, bravery to speak up when you see problems in the organization, and passion for sharing knowledge & insights with peers, colleagues, and mentors.

Who you are

  • Demonstrate an optimistic and energetic approach to getting things done
  • Deal with others in an open, honest manner and follow through on commitments, extend trust to others
  • Set an example of hard work, willing to put the time in to complete tasks, manage energy (and time) effectively, bounce back from set backs
  • Timely and responsible for completing deadlines on time, communicating any potential issues as they arise
  • Build high standards for oneself
  • Deliver clear concise messages for the audience in the right format
  • Demonstrate a passion to understand and empathize with our customers and end users
  • Willingly get involved in work assignments/projects that are driven by a change
  • Embrace new processes, procedures or systems
  • Demonstrate a high level of curiosity, willingness and capacity to learn
  • Actively seek to build and maintain relationships with a broad range of people
  • Speak up and ask the hard questions of oneself and others

Skills or experience that you need

  • Strong academic record
  • Evidence of grit or determination, defined as one’s consistent efforts to persevere in the midst of challenge and adversity
  • Demonstrable ability to learn and succeed intellectually in a rapidly-changing business environment
  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication skills; concise, built and delivered for the right audience
  • Broad networking skills

Interests, skills or experience that may set you apart

  • Experience in technology and/or SaaS software, including schoolwork / internships
  • Experience with Rally and/or SAFe or other product delivery structures
  • Interest in business and/or finance, with a basic understanding of how it works
  • Interest in research & design, including UX, competitive analysis, & statistics
  • Interest in and understanding in macroeconomics and microeconomics
  • Interest and awareness in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, and/or behavioral economics
  • Experience and knowledge of computer science, data science, programing
  • Leadership experience is a plus, cross-functional & servant leadership experience is a big plus
  • Research background and experience is a big plus • Entrepreneurial experience and interest in solving unique problems is a big plus
  • Experience building and shipping products previously is a big plus
  • Creative and performing arts experience is viewed very favorably
  • International experience; travelling, living and/or work experience overseas and languages is a huge plus
  • Community Leadership will be valued highly

Application Details

  • Please include a resume, cover letter and academic transcript with your application
  • Make sure your GPA and expected year of graduation are clearly visible in your attachments
  • Approximately ten (10) week paid internship starting in May / June 2022

Applications close January 28, 2022.