Product-Focused Customer Support Associate

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Description of the work

British company that develops its own software product, a great solution for emotion recognition. This product allows marketing managers to learn what their consumers feel and make marketing decisions based on this information.


• Monitor, set-up, launch, and close projects on the client’s platform and third parties and make sure that projects are delivered in time and within appropriate parameters.
• Collect all necessary data and compile the final deliverable for our Customers. Coordinate the work with Sales/Client facing teams to ensure that Customer expectations are fulfilled.
• Resolve and closing Project/Client related issues.
• Continuously contribute to the internal and external competence base, FAQs.


•  Knowledge of the platform is kept up-to-date by following and understanding the product updates and new feature lunches.
• Possible issues are diagnosed early during the project life cycle by closely monitoring project health, analyzing data provided by third party panels or the own platform.
• Delivery deadlines and the highest possible quality outcomes are met by working closely with other departments.

Skills & Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree in a Business, Management or related field.
• Minimum of one year experience in operations/marketing/project management role.
• Computer skills required: Microsoft Office Products with emphasis on MS Powerpoint, Word, Outlook and Excel.
• Necessary skills include the ability to work well in a team, an overdeveloped sense of personal responsibility, accountability, willingness to assist in multiple areas, prioritization, and the ability to effectively communicate with people from different nationalities and locations.

Salary & Benefits:

• Working with the hottest technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning.
• A separate budget for professional development.
• Strong benefits package: gym membership/healthy living allowance, frequent team-building and social events,