Senior Product Manager – Indeed Incubator

Full-Time Anywhere Salary: $144,000 - $208,000 USD per year

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Indeed Incubator combines the best of startup and big-tech worlds: fast-paced 0-to-1 product development with agile teams like a startup; security, compensation, and career progression of a big tech company.

What is Incubator?
The Incubator is a product accelerator charged with pioneering new product ideas; we do everything, including assessing viability, launching MVP, iterating, and scaling our products. Incubator has more than 100 employees across engineering, product, and design; we have 15 agile teams where each team explores and executes on a new initiative. Metered funding rounds keep us in check – don’t kill good ideas too early, don’t let bad ideas run for too long.

Attributes of Successful Product Managers in Incubator
Product managers are effectively CEOs of their initiative, and they are representing Indeed in a new unexplored space with the help of their team (engineers, design, marketing, sales, etc.) Product managers with the following attributes excel in this role:

  • Thrive in Ambiguity: Incubator specializes in ambiguous 0-to-1 product spaces. PMs carve the path and change it early and often as they collect more signals.
  • Strong Leadership: Incubator focuses on unchartered spaces that no one else in the company is exploring. The PMs define Indeed’s point of view for these new spaces.
  • Strong Execution: This entails leading your team with fast-paced execution, using experimentation and user research to inform decisions, learning from new information and adjusting accordingly, communicating and managing relationships with stakeholders – both internal (your direct team) and external (senior leaders across the company, for example).


  • 8+ years of product management experience in tech companies; the ideal candidate will have experience working at a startup (extra points for founders) and experience working for big tech companies.

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