Product Manager

GRIP is web based software that automatically produces visual content for physical goods. It is a young service, but it has already attracted clients like Heineken or Nivea. It was built by INDG (, a company that had accumulated over 15 years of knowledge and experience to substantially automate visual things for manufacturers of physical goods.

The patented technology behind Grip captures INDG’s years of experience with computer-generated graphics. Every manufacturer should be able to show their work-always in the best light.

In time, GRIP will become a suite of web-based applications that automatically generate creative things like simple product pages or product videos. For now, only one GRIP tool has been launched — Grip Still Shots. It does product images—which is no small thing: for instance, Coca Cola needs 400,000 of them every year.

GRIP is doing what it’s doing based on photorealistic 3D, capitalising on INDG fifteen-year-long experience in that field. 3D is good because once your beer or your juicer or your rocket is on GRIP, it can be used and re-used for multiple media: images, videos, iOS apps and such.

What’s inside Grip?

One can imagine that Grip is rather complex: it needs to render things quickly and photorealistically which presupposes some heavy engineering. But it’s not just that. Companies like Nivea or L’Oreal produce thousands of things in tens of countries. The relations between everyone inside have to be managed within Grip. Who sees which images? Who’s eligible to call shots on creative aspects of whatever is being produced? Which countries should get which products? It is a sophisticated system and so it needs sophisticated product management.

Product management

Right now, Grip is in need of a Product Manager in Amsterdam. Expats welcome. This person will work together with the Grip Product Owner, the company’s CTO and other members of the team to ensure that one or several parts of Grip are designed and developed in a smart and steady manner, according to the roadmap and in collaboration with the stakeholders.


The Product Manager will spend around 20% of their time working with the backlog: scoping out new features, writing requests for design or documenting new things for engineers. 30% of the time will be dedicated to communication with the development team: sorting out problems, clarifying the tasks and so on. About 10% of the time will be dedicated to competitive analysis: looking at other software of Grip’s genre, competition landscape and potential clients.

Some time will be spent talking to sales and marketing who know the existing and potential clients quite well—to gather important insights and share what’s going on.


First, Grip is looking for someone who is smart and knows what they are doing. So,

· BA or MA in computer science, project management or another relevant field

· Previous experience as a software developer/engineer or a product designer

Second, communicating with engineers should be done in the language of engineers; communication with stakeholders in the language of stakeholders; communication with clients in the language of clients.


· Experience with wireframing tools

· Experience with task-tracking, project management tools and Excel

· Experience with analytical tools and/or Python is a plus

· Experience with research tools is a plus

Finally, Grip needs someone with a proved experience, so:

· At least two product releases in portfolio that we could discuss

Some of our perks but not limited to:

We’re located in the heart of Amsterdam, in Raamplein 1. Think… a converted school, tall ceilings and long corridors. Each open room has glass windows which make it easy enough to wave hello to your colleagues but enjoy the space to get work done!

If you move from abroad, we will support you with your relocation (e.g. 30% ruling, housing-search, relocation loan, flights, tax-return support in the first year).

We’re a fun bunch who love spending time together whether it’s Tennis on Tuesdays, 4PM Pizza Fridays or more seriously, putting our heads together to solve 1000 piece puzzles.

For the bike and gym enthusiasts there are cost saving schemes and if it’s food you’re after, then we offer a healthy communal lunch, a fully stocked kitchen and we even have a daily take away menu for the night crawlers. But, we don’t stop there …join us for boat rides in the canals of Dam or our very own cinema room for movie nights!