Product Manager

Full-Time Cambridge Salary: £60,000-£80,000

Are you a Product Manager who’s eager to implement and develop product processes?

Do you want to help roll out and further develop a tech-for-good, precision medicine SaaS platform?

Have you run a product team or owned a significant complex feature?


The Role

You will be the first dedicated Product Manager within Zetta. We have recently hired a Head of Software Projects, and you will work closely with him to develop our product and delivery processes.

Much of our product development has been reactive to individual customer needs, you will lead the transition to a more strategic, market led approach.

Our first paying customers were managed service relationships implementing OpenCB which underpins our stack. We are now focused on growing our customer base for XetaBase, our SaaS platform. You will lead its development from a product perspective.

Your first job will be to establish a more detailed product roadmap. Our product process is a fairly clean slate so you will work to establish effective and efficient working practices for driving product innovation.

In order to lead our transition to market-led product delivery you will need to undertake research, of both our users and the wider commercial market in order to better inform our decisions.

We follow an agile style of working, which is likely to become more defined with input from you and the new Head of Software Projects. While it’s unlikely you would join every stand-up we expect you to have significant input during planning and review meetings.

Finally there will be a range of non-functional requirements that you will need to manage within product development spanning topics such as security, governance and marketing.


The Experience

You must be an experienced Product Manager with exposure across the full SDLC. If you have not previously run a product team, we will expect you to have had ownership over a complex feature or product and be able to talk through how you made it more successful.

You will need to manage significant complexity at Zetta so we’ll want to hear about a time you took complex high-level requirements and turned them into well defined and prioritised roadmap.

The biggest challenge in this role is leading the transition from customer led to market led. If you have not been through this before we’ll want to hear your thoughts on how you might approach this process.

Our product is a highly complex, cloud based enterprise software. We’ll want to hear about the most complex product you have worked on, ideally cloud based enterprise software but we are open minded about other experiences if you understand the challenges we face.

Finally in order to build credibility with our customers and technical teams you will need an understanding of the healthcare and life sciences sectors.


Why work with us?

As the first hire into our product team you will have significant influence over the future direction of our product processes.

This team will grow, offering you a chance to recruit, train and manage the team (if that’s what you want) this could lead to a Head of Product position fairly quickly for the right candidate.

This is a fast-growing company that is open to change and values the adoption of best practice as early as possible.

This is a unique opportunity to take ownership of an innovative new product with significant traction and help its growth accelerate.