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Who we are
Obsidian Systems is an end-to-end software product consultancy that specializes in solving real-world problems, not just writing code. We serve everyone from recently-funded startups bringing their dream to life to large institutions needing innovative solutions to longstanding problems. We have been deploying products and honing our processes for over a decade and are leaders in the field of implementing sophisticated applications to a wide variety of platforms—from mobile to blockchain and everything in-between.

Unlike many consultancies, we don’t simply supply individual staff to our clients. Instead, we work to understand our client’s business domain and help them determine the best way to build a technological solution. Then, we work as a cohesive team to deliver that solution. This allows us to draw on the deep technology experience our team has to ensure that the client is getting good value for their money, rather than just code that technically meets the spec (although it does that, too!). Our technology choices and commitment to repeatable processes make the software we design and deploy easier to maintain and extend, cheaper to own, and most importantly, more adaptable to change.

We’re a globally distributed company with headquarters in the U.S. This position is open to applicants from all countries that are not legally embargoed by the U.S. government.

The role
Product Managers at Obsidian play a vital role both in our client relationships and our internal management. PMs dive deeply into client domains to ensure that we have stakeholder-level understanding of the software we’re going to build. A typical deep-dive involves an understanding of the client’s: product idea, business requirements, timeline, stakeholders, competitive landscape, designs, and user profiles. The aim is not just to transcribe what the client wants, but to collaborate with them in designing a product that’s true to their vision and within their constraints.

PMs are responsible for conveying this evolving product to our internal engineering teams so that detailed technical planning can take place and, ultimately, so that we can execute on the vision. As we iterate on the software, PMs take results back to the client and works with them to iterate on the vision: the two are interdependent.

A human process, like a piece of software, is never finished. You can always find ways to improve it, to resolve bugs, to get that extra bit of efficiency. We take pride in the processes we’ve developed over time, but we’re always looking for further improvements. As a PM at Obsidian, you’d play an important role in shaping the future of our process organization-wide.

What we’re looking for
Given the breadth of industries, technologies, and clients we work with, we highly value intellectual curiosity, clear thinking, and constant questioning. We need PMs who are able to learn quickly and are not afraid to jump into fields new to them, who are excited about being at the beginning of things, and who derive satisfaction from steering things from vision to reality.

We’re looking for some combination of experience designing, building, or managing a technology product or team, but we’re also open to other experiences that demonstrate your ability to succeed in this role.

Prior experience working as a software developer or in another technical role is a significant plus.

How to apply
Along with your resume, please submit a cover letter of no more than 125 words to

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