Lead UI Designer

You treat design fundamentals as sacrosanct, until it’s time to break them because you care more about the finished product than the tools you used to get there. You’ve seen it all before: your design intuition is built on years of industry experience and hours “wasted” trawling design blogs and forums at 1am. You can back it up – if an someone asks why you put the nav on the left, you can cite user research, design conventions and the 5 sketches from the day before. You’re open to honest, critical feedback because that’s how you got so good.
We are a ruthlessly pragmatic, ambitious and talented team. We address problems that have never been addressed before, and we do this for some of the world’s biggest insurance companies, working directly with C-suites who are hungry for change. We’re developing powerful products backed up by industry validated machine learning capabilities, and developed by one of the most sophisticated teams of PhD-level data scientists in insurance.
We’ve come incredibly far without a dedicated in-house designer, but now your time has come.
You will practice design where it has the most impact: everywhere. One week you’ll be working to deliver the next generation of insurance analytics products to an industry starved of delicious interfaces. User research, usability workshops, wireframes, mockups and prototypes are all in a day’s work. The next week you’ll jump head first into our marketing function, producing brochures that entice and landing pages that convert. You’ll deliver work little and often because you know there’s no such thing as version II in today’s world.
Ultimately, the opportunity exists to define a design culture at Cytora that is foundational and scalable. In time, we hope you will grow the design function and foster talent in graphic, product, UX and UI design.


    • Get out the building – prepare sketches and wireframes for frontline user research with our product team
    • Iterate continuously as you work with engineers and data scientists to arrive at product features that are functional, feasible and fun to use
    • Produce mockups and interactive prototypes that bring ideas to life for customers and our development team
    • Blend iconography, typography, color, space, and texture together to help our users successfully navigate our products.
    • Take your deep understanding of our powerful product suite and translate it into no-brainer visuals to be used across new and existing web pages, landing pages and marketing collateral
    • Lead the concept creation and responsive design of new marketing websites, landing pages and marketing collateral, including customer presentations and reports
    • Enforce and evolve the brand styleFight the good fight – fly the flag for good design in all our endeavours – own the design processes at Cytora, inculcate a culture of high aesthetic, and be pragmatic enough to know when to compromise in order to get everything done


    • 4+ years of industry experience
    • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy, brand and vision
    • A portfolio demonstrating critical thinking, creativity and a high regard for simple solutions (including notes on your methodology, approach and techniques)
    • The desire to build and lead the design team at Cytora as we scale by 100%-200% over the next 12 months
    • Proficiency in the design software of your choice (Sketch, Framer, Marvel, Photoshop, etc.)
    • Experience delivering usability tests, UX workshops and design crits
    • Experience with end-to-end UX and UI design
    • A penchant for designing interaction and creating prototypes to test with users
What we offer
You’ll be offered a competitive salary and share options, augmented by our private health insurance. To ensure continued professional development we offer exposure to world leading experts in multiple fields, including risk modelling, technology (our advisory board has two Cambridge professors and multiple industry experts).
Our conference budget allows us to network with our peers and present our work at industry and academic conferences. These learning opportunities continue through internal knowledge-sharing activities, such as our AI reading group, study sessions and regular talks across the team.
Besides the constant learning opportunities, Cytora is a great place to form new friendships and be exposed to diverse experiences. We host regular social events and take an annual company holiday together (we have been to Sicily and Andalusia in the past 2 years).

More about Cytora

People & culture

At Cytora you will work alongside some of the brightest minds in machine learning and risk modelling to solve real-world problems, such as helping insurers generate fairer premiums and enabling society at large to transfer risk in new and seamless ways.
Our culture is built on collaborative problem solving and continuous learning. Here you’ll have access to a network of world class business minds and academics from leading global institutions.
We celebrate originality and independent thinking, and work in decentralised teams, giving people the authority to own and solve problems creatively.

What we’re building

Our products fundamentally change the way insurers see the world, enabling them to move from an assumption based understanding of risk, to an empirical, data-driven view.
The Cytora Risk Engine extracts and fuses together billions of online data points relevant to commercial risk, helping insurers to differentiate risks at a higher level of granularity and discover new segments in areas where they have zero underwriting experience and claims history.