Product Manager – Clinician

Simply put – we are seeking a Product Manager outside the mold of large corporate and ready to grow the business needs and speak to the users desires.

We have hundreds of clinicians that are using a very “unfriendly” CRM interface and needs an empathetic Product Manager to be their voice in the face of the Engineering Team.

The Engineers need help understanding and want to serve the Clinicians, but the Clinicians do not speak standard requirements language or have the wherewithal to do so since they are dealing with clients frequently.

If we create a product space that not only serves their needs but satisfies them even more so, then the game is won – and you are the hero.

Check out the listing via the Application URL – and do not be worried about the standard HR language.  We seek the smart, the EQed and the go-getter and are willing to pay properly for the experiences.

Quick note: we would love it if you are multi-faceted and appreciate the challenge of building a better interface for the four basic users and can document, sketch and design the solution ideas that we can make a reality.

Check us out – and help us support the next generation of practitioners.

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