Working as a Senior Product Manager at BRYTER
You’ll be part of our remote-first, cross-functional product development team, consisting of product managers, designers, developers, and QA engineers. You’ll work on the platform that is literally revolutionizing how our customers perform their daily work. We promote simplicity and ease-of-use in an environment where intuitively designed software is hard to find. We remove the monotone and boring work from people’s lives and enable them to automate their knowledge and decision making process.

We are organized in cross-functional teams which work “end-to-end” to ensure our product fits the market need. In these teams, you will work at the intersection of commercial, technology and user experience. This includes working closely with our customers, discussing the latest insights with our sales and customer success teams, and collaborating with our designers and developers to map out and refine our user stories.

In this role, you will be an integral part of our internal product management community which aims to continuously build valuable, usable and feasible product increments. We will empower you to take ownership of one or multiple product artifacts, develop and adapt roadmaps to reflect our latest insights, and be responsible for delivering new features as well as improving existing ones. In addition, you will regularly discuss and align on strategy with the other product managers and the founders.

We are looking to fill roles for different parts of the BRYTER platform, where some specific experiences are a plus:

Business Frontends: multi-platform (web/mobile/chat) user interfaces, theming, access management
Identity & Access Management (Technical PM): SAML, OIDC, Keycloak, Azure AD
Platform & Infrastructure (Technical PM): making internal products successful, AWS
Product-Led Growth (Growth PM): entrepreneurial, data-driven, AARRR, A/B testing
Design System Lead
Developer Portal: developer-first, API design, partnerships
Core Language & Engine: programming language design
Store: enterprise marketplaces

About you
👉 You love uncharted paths. You are comfortable starting with just a rough direction and a vague goal, and then working with others to gain clarity, synthesizing and distilling insights, charting a course, and adapting it vigorously as things become clearer.

👉 You have real experience with code. You understand how software gets built, because you’ve done it. You understand how IDEs, source control and continuous integration all contribute to making good products. Perhaps you are even curious about how different programming paradigms get the same thing done.

👉 You have worked on a no-code platform. You have worked on platforms that enable non-developers to create things, such as eCommerce systems (e.g. Shopify), app or workflow builders (e.g. Zapier), publishing platforms (e.g. WordPress), form builders (e.g. Typeform).

👉 You have some understanding of how B2B platforms work. You have integrated external systems, or you have developed a public API or SDK. You understand the importance of separating platform from solution concerns.

👉 You manage tech debt smartly. Tech debt is a reality of any software development effort, and perhaps even more so in a high-growth company. But rather than deny or ignore it, you understand when to take on tech debt (and when not), and when and how to pay it back.

If you tick most or even all of the above, let’s talk!

👎 This job might not be for you if…

… you are based outside of CET ±4h time zones
… you need clear direction and structure to work effectively
… you are new to product management

Why apply?
You will become part of a diverse and caring community
You will work with colleagues that care about the product and the people who build it
You will amaze customers who love our product and often express their praise
We will support you in becoming the best version of yourself – by providing challenging work, colleagues who you can learn from as well as a personal conference & training budget
You will get to work and make an impact on our main product and its core functionality
Your work will be shipped – very often
Benefits of working with us
Besides offering a welcoming, human-centred, flexible, remote-first workplace, we offer some additional perks to our workers as well.

Learning, conferences & training
We view continuous learning and professional development as indispensable. Therefore we provide you with a generous, yearly training and conference budget that you can use at your own discretion.

Home-office grant
Furthermore, as a remote-first company, we care that your workplace at home is safe and healthy. And so we provide a yearly allowance that you can spend on items to equip a more productive and healthy working space for you.

ESOP − Employee stock ownership program
We offer optional participation in our employee stock ownership program.

Want to know more about what working at BRYTER looks like? Take a peek at our Careers page 🚀, and, if you want, watch a webinar of our Chief Product Officer talking about our remote culture.


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