Product Designer

Full-Time Remote, USA Salary: $87,000 - $92,000 and is based on experience

Hi, we’re CompanyCam.
We create simple-to-use, visual-first communication and accountability tools for contractors. Imagine a B2B SaaS (business-to-business software-as-a-service) app that doesn’t look like garbage, built by a team of capable, laid-back people.

But don’t let the chill throw you off; we’re a fast-growing, product-led startup with big plans for the future.
The Role
We’re looking for a sharp, self-motivated, kind, problem-solving Product Designer to join our product team.

We’re not looking for one-trick ponies either. We need holistic Product Designers: you may own user research, UX design, UI design, interaction design, microcopy, and HTML+CSS writing while keeping both user and business goals in mind. We know it’s a broad role so don’t worry if you’re not an expert in all those things (we like T-shaped designers).

As a Product Designer, you’ll work alongside other Designers, Product Managers and Engineers to tackle everything from huge company initiatives to modest but important bug fixes, from start to finish. You’ll also collaborate with your product team on discovery, helping assess the direction and feasibility of product changes. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll actively contribute to the evolution of the culture and processes of the growing product design team.

To give you an idea of what you’d be doing day-to-day, here are some things we have worked on recently:

  • Revamped our in-app onboarding to do deliver the most relevant, and time-saving experience to our users.
  • Released powerful updates to our job site capturing tools, including video-capture and enhanced editing features.
  • Created visual-first to-do list experience that is fully customizable to help companies get work done right without driving to the job site to verify.
  • Built powerful reporting tools companies can use in the field.
  • Built a widget to allow companies to use the photos they take every day to generate content for their marketing websites, showcasing the amazing work they do.
  • Continually pushing new components to our design system, allowing Product Designers and Client Engineers to work faster with a common design language.

You must..

  • Show up: give us your best and have the courage to do difficult but necessary stuff.
  • Grow up: take responsibility, learn continuously, and have a growth mindset.
  • Do good: treat your co-workers and customers the way you want to be treated.
  • Code. Be very comfortable writing HTML/CSS and have an understanding of how to use Git.
  • Communicate and articulate design decisions.
  • Humbly give and receive design feedback. Critiques happen weekly, so you’ll most likely be doing both at nauseam (in a good way 🙂).
  • Have the ability to mix visual design with a simple-to-use user experience.
  • Hold 3-5 years experience working as a professional product designer.
  • Reside permanently and currently somewhere in the U.S.

It’d be nice if you…
Day to day, you’ll spend 60% of your time generating wireframes (in Whimsical or Figma) and doing discovery work along side your team, but of course that’s not all you’ll do. While experience with the following technologies are not required (we’re cool with some on-the-job learning), you will see them with varying levels of frequency:

React & React Native (often)
Styled-components (often)
Tailwind CSS (just a touch)
Android Studio & Xcode (mainly to run the mobile app)

How we work at CompanyCam:
Our product design team is mostly located in Lincoln, NE but across our product and engineering teams, we span every time zone in the United States. We welcome people from all backgrounds and don’t really care whether you have a design degree or even a high school diploma. All that matters is that you’re not an a**hole and you’re good at what you do.

Our Product and Engineering departments also do things a little differently.

We use a customized version of Basecamp’s Shape Up method (fused with empowered product teams a la Marty Cagan’s Inspired) to organize and execute our work. That means you’ll work in a close-knit team consisting of a product manager, a product designer, and other engineers on an area of the product in 3-week cycles.

During cycles you’ll spend most of your time implementing product improvements, but you’ll also coordinate with your team to shape (generating and vetting) work for upcoming cycles. After each cycle your team will stop, reset, and decide to tackle another cycle or take a 1-3 week cool-down (a period of undirected work where you’ll pursue educational opportunities, work on pet projects, or smash some bugs that have been nagging at you). Rinse and repeat until code nirvana.

Sounds nice, right? No sprinting, no scrumming, no death by 1,000 meetings. We protect our designers’ time, treat them like adults, and trust them to get their work done. We’re also big on not overworking people. Put in your eight hours of focused, quality work and then TURN. SLACK. OFF. No nights and weekends.

Our larger company culture is also refreshingly chill. We have fun, learn from each other, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Compensation: Our starting salary range is $87,000 – $92,000 and is based on experience. We also offer meaningful equity and other benefits.

Ready to apply? If you share our passion for serving our customers and bringing truth and transparency to the contracting industry, we’d love to review your application!

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