Product Designer (UX/UI)

Job Description

The Business of Fashion is searching for a Product Designer who can deliver high-quality, consistent and engaging designs across product development. Our new Product Designer will join our design team at any exciting time of growth and will contribute towards numerous design-related deliverables within the business.

Key Responsibilities 

This unique and demanding role will encompass all aspects of creative design and user experience. Notwithstanding project-based responsibilities, the role fulfils broad product functions to:

  • Understand the brand, its business model, its audience, its employees and its vision
  • Balance key aspects of the business, the development team and the end-user within each design/workflow
  • Use consistent design language across a suite of digital products
  • Produce original designs which are professional, engaging, scalable, and mobile first
  • Measure user engagement, and recommend improvements to increase product KPIs
  • Distill constructive feedback on designs into an actionable, prioritised list of improvements

Workload & Focus

Our Product Designer must balance and organise their time across an expanding range of products simultaneously as well as input on brand development and marketing assets.

Product Design  (~80% of time)

The projects you’ll be working on will constantly employ skills in digital design, UX, and information architecture. You will be expected to:

  • Understand the business motivation behind various products
  • Understand key audience/user needs, desires and behaviours
  • Create wireframes, Use Cases and Flows to demonstrate their ideas to Senior Management, Product Managers, Editorial and Development staff
  • Design mockups and create prototypes to visualise future product enhancements
  • Communicate with project stakeholders of the reasons why such design components were applied and the ability to turn constructive criticism into solutions
  • Work with a development team to build approved designs with front-end technologies
  • Promote the design consideration for desktop, tablet, and mobile consumption

Branding & Marketing  (~20% of time)

There will be some ad-hoc work in relation to print, branding and marketing.  You will also be expected to:

  • Understand the brand’s value and promote consistent branding across any media
  • Work with the business development team during marketing campaigns or large sponsorships
  • Produce branded assets for sales pitches, events and promotions

The Ideal Candidate

Professional Skills

Considering the role encompasses many aspects of product development, we want to ensure that our Product Desinger has sufficient experience to successfully deliver value in a timely manner. This experience includes:

Proficient commercial experience of…

  • Visual design, using tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch
    • Image manipulation
    • Vector illustration
  • Interface design, using tools Sketch, Invision and Zepplin for
    • Wire-frames and mockups
    • Information architecture
    • Usability and accessibility
  • UX design, including workflows for
    • Search and discovery for web sites
    • Transactional interfaces for web applications
    • User registration and other user actions
    • Analytics and insights

Sufficient commercial experience of…

  • Managing design workloads
  • Working with developers in an agile environment

Core Competencies

To support such responsibilities, we would love applicants to be able to demonstrate:

  • An ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • An ability to adapt communication to your audience (ie. developers, product managers or business stakeholders)
  • A proactive, confident, and positive attitude towards assigned workload
  • A deep understanding of design implementation – and when certain designs are not appropriate
  • A working knowledge of information architecture and editorial design
  • A confident grasp of front-end technology, its limitations and how it may influence digital design
  • A desire to achieve perfection, balanced with the pragmatism to get all things done well enough
  • A deep-rooted desire to see the business flourish with high-quality, consistent and engaging product designs