Senior Product Manager – Perpetual Swaps

Full-Time Anywhere Closes: 2022-03-31

Tracer DAO is an open-source, smart contract protocol for derivatives. For decades, financial institutions have been able to manage their risk with powerful financial tools. However, the opportunity to access these powerful tools has not been one that individual citizens could easily exploit. The birth of Tracer now means that anyone, regardless of wealth, location or status can better manage their financial health from the convenience of their smartphone. Tracer’s gift to the Individual is better access to financial freedom and more meaningful ways to manage risk.

DAOs, or Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, are a new structure for coordinating people and resources. They are member-owned communities, represented by transparent rules encoded as computer programs. Governance decisions are coordinated by using tokens to grant voting rights.

As a Product Manager for Tracer DAO, you will be responsible for developing new products, features, and experiences that support Tracer’s strategy for Perpetual Swaps. You’ll work closely with our customers, partners, product teams, and cross-functional teams to build comprehensive, secure, and differentiated experiences for our users.

Your Mission

  • Own and deliver the Perpetual Swaps product roadmap by staying ahead of the curve on market trends
  • Work closely with users, partners, and other stakeholders to build product requirements
  • Create user stories to help your team connect with the customer
  • Help set up and track performance through KPIs
    Set the pace, prioritisation, and execution for the team
  • Lead and support team members with partner integrations within the Perpetual Swaps product suite
  • Collaborate closely with engineering, design, financial research, marketing, and commercial teams to deliver surprisingly great products to customers
  • Coach and mentor other product team members


  • Please note: The title will reflect the candidate’s experience.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and determination to do whatever it takes to make your product successful
  • First-hand experience with DeFi applications on Ethereum
  • 5+ years experience in Product Management, having successfully delivered complex software products.
  • 2+ years experience in financial services
  • 2+ years experience leading high tech engineering teams
  • Developed multi-year product roadmaps and strategies
  • You understand building enterprise-level software, SDKs, and APIs and can apply that knowledge to build an exceptional developer experience
  • Proficient in common product management tools, such as Jira, Confluence, and Avion
  • You are a structured and analytical person with an agile mindset
  • Bonus: experience shipping smart-contract projects
  • Bonus: experience from products with aspects of AML and KYC

Working at a DAO

After successfully interviewing with some of the core builders, you have two options; employment through Mycelium, a service provider to Tracer DAO, or contracting with the DAO. In the latter, your contract will be pushed to the DAO for perusal. The core team will help you in drafting the contract and setting your remuneration in TCR and/or stablecoins. You’ll be directly contracted by Tracer DAO and you will be remunerated directly from the Tracer DAO Growth Fund, as set in a Growth Fund Proposal. Please note that the relationship established with the DAO is not an employment contract and you will have to ensure regulatory & taxational compliance within your jurisdiction yourself.

Tracer DAO is part of the Mycelium network. Growing since 2018, Mycelium has people distributed across Australia, US, UK, Canada, the EU, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India, with a commitment to continue expanding. Mycelium incubates big ideas, providing critical nourishment and enriching the protocols to emerge independently. The relationship continues through providing centralised resources to manage legal, financial, recruitment, advisory, capital raising and research requirements. Creating a network advantage to succeed in web3

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