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AI-powered systems are increasingly being used to replace or augment human decision-making across a broad range of industries. These systems already impact many aspects of our lives and will continue to grow in their influence over the next two decades. Therefore, ensuring the reliability, safety, security, fairness, and understandability of these systems is critical. To date, tools to ensure that AI-powered systems meet these standards have lagged behind the tools used to develop them. This has led to two common outcomes: deployment of AI-powered systems without proper verification and validation, or conversely, failure to deploy a system after costly development time and resources due to a lack of trust in the system by stakeholders.


This is where CalypsoAI comes in. We are building a suite of products and tools to facilitate the deployment of trustworthy AI by focusing on rigorous verification and validation testing.

Product Management in CalypsoAI is responsible for researching and defining the products and features that will win in our markets, creating innovative products which deliver business value to our customers. We’re looking for a Product Owner with the ambition and potential to come in and have a company-wide impact. The ceiling for this role is as high as you want it to be.

Role Description

As a Product Owner, you will guide cross-disciplinary teams to deliver high-impact solutions to customer problems. You will do this without direct reporting lines to these teams. You will research market opportunities in the trusted AI space and convince the leadership of the significance of those opportunities. You will define solutions that address those opportunities. You will gain buy-in from a range of stakeholders for your solutions. You will then guide those solutions through the development process, ensuring the original value and impact is emphasized at all stages.

You have

Passion for learning and continuously improving yourself
Self-organized, passionate, and hands-on problem solver with strong analytical skills
3 years experience as a Product Owner / Business Analyst or in a related discipline in software development.
The ability to understand and articulate user needs. Ability to to translate needs into requirements and prioritise those requirements.
Knowledge of AI.
Ability to envisage software features that solve market problems and that can be implemented at feasible levels of cost and risk.
An understanding of how technology can be leveraged for business benefit. The ability to quickly assess the technical feasibility/relative cost of solution options.
Experience of an Agile development methodology is essential.
Ability to maintain a high level of productivity, manage multiple competing priorities, and work effectively under the pressure of time constraints in a fast-paced, complex, collaborative, and team-oriented environment or experience working within a fast-paced start-up

Key Responsibilities

You will empathise with users. You will understand and articulate their needs. You will translate needs into feature requirements and prioritise those requirements ruthlessly.
You will work closely with development teams to ensure they understand feature requirements and the user needs they need to satisfy.
You will accept or reject features from the development teams.
You will demonstrate newly developed features in a business context, showing the need satisfied and explaining the prioritization rationale.
You will work with the Head of Product to evolve the Product Backlog through the full cycle including sales and implementation.
You will connect with clients & prospects in the definition and creation of product features.
You will connect all stakeholders, across locations, to create and fully form product features.
You will initiate and translate the product road map into a manageable product backlog for development teams
You will liaise with the Head of Product to understand the features and changes in product requirements and support planning exercises
You will push the Head of Product and pull the team to maintain a continuous velocity stream, ensure quality, eliminate escaped defects, and motivate the team
You will challenge stakeholders to ensure that an understanding is achieved that is coherent, complete, credible, sufficiently concrete to facilitate the development of software, and that the principles underlying the domain are identified and described.
You will use wireframes, domain models, and other artifacts as vehicles for further developing the system requirement, soliciting feedback from market participants, customers, and other stakeholders.
Create artifacts to reflect and communicate their discoveries and proposals in a manner that ensures high quality, and highly efficient knowledge transfer occurs, facilitating informed collaboration amongst the stakeholders from both the customer/market and the engineering perspectives.
Define software capabilities to meet the understood requirements including usability, utilizing artifacts that provide the development teams with sufficient guidance to ensure progress. Expert knowledge of the existing capabilities of the suite and planning for its future evolution must inform this.


Accelerate your career and join us in growing a world-class product  team and program engine
To start with: we at CalypsoAI are building the first-ever automated 3rd party model validation platform to enable and accelerate AI solutions! We answer critical questions about AI to deliver trust. Our technology ensures organizations can achieve their AI/ ML goals, securely, and in real-world conditions.
If that’s not enough: We are a fast-growing startup meaning we have great opportunities to grow within the company!
Endless opportunities to learn from our inspirational, talented team members!
You will never be bored at work again if you join us!

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