Senior Product Manager

What’s the deal? 

As the Senior Product Manager, you will be reporting directly to our Founder and CEO. You will be leading on the product development of Flow, working hands-on, directly with our product-minded engineering team.

Flow is built to start as a freemium bottoms-up product that quickly goes viral inside of an engineering team, leading to enterprise-size contracts. You will need to ruthlessly prioritise features based on rigorous customer and industry research, manage top of funnel vs enterprise needs, and intimately understand the user journeys and jobs to be done within a hardware engineering team.

After 12 months, success in this role will involve the following areas:

  • You have made Flow go mainstream – with thousands of users who have seamlessly moved from a single user value to team-wide collaboration.
  • You will have led the development of a user funnel that gains us a large and retainable bottoms-up user base with consistent conversion from single user value to team-wide collaboration.
  • You will have aligned the whole team with the roadmap, so all company functions are pulling in the same direction.
  • You have set foundations for and started toto build out a world-class product team that will set the standard for tools in hardware engineering.

Why us? 

To put it simply, it’s an exciting time to join! We’re a small team with big potential. We’re going to market with a product we all believe in, and we hope you will too!

I’m in, what do you expect from me? 

Motivated candidates, who want to work in a fast-paced start-up. You want to build out a Product function and be an advocate for Product within Flow.

Ideally you should know a bit about our space, if you don’t that’s fine, however you should be excited to learn about the facinagting and complex world that is hardware engineering. You should be buzzed about working directly with our customer. They’re working on really cool stuff like launch vehicles, fusion reactors and electric vehicles.

What else? 

  • You are looking for a career-defining role and want to commit to a mission of building a product and team that changes the world.
  • You want to work in a fast-moving startup and want to be trusted to own and build the product function.
  • You are familiar with or excited to learn the complexities of the hardware engineering space, working directly with customers building next-generation products like launch vehicles, EVs, and fusion reactors.
  • You have 5+ years of experience in a SaaS product management role. This experience will include:
    Developing SaaS products at a pre-Series A stage.
    Managing (PLG) B2B products involving work with both enterprise customers and bottoms-up adoption.
  • You’re driven by developing a deep understanding of customer experience, identifying and filling product gaps, generating new ideas that improve product-market fit and customer experience, and driving growth.
  • You are comfortable moving seamlessly across ideation, market research, success metric analysis, and technical development.
  • You prioritise building a shared vision of the product and communicating it with all relevant stakeholders. You are an excellent communicator, natural bridge-builder and conflict defuser.
  • You enjoy empowering teams to work together towards strategic goals.
  • You believe beautiful, intuitive UI and UX are integral in delivering value to users rather than an optional extra.


  • Experience delivering collaboration platforms and services to non-software engineering industries (mechanical/aero/thermal etc.)
  • An understanding of government/data-secure cloud certification and compliance predominantly in the US and Europe.

If you’re interested in this career defining role. We’d love to chat with you!

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