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Let me tell you a story. A long time ago, everyone paid upfront for what they owned. But ownership had high entry costs. What if you couldn’t afford to pay for a car (or a horse)? This meant that you had to take the bus to work (or walk across the desert).

A long time ago, a business sold to a customer, made money, and that was that. They didn’t know where their next sale would come from, or if they would see that customer ever again.

All of this was a long time ago. Then someone thought, “Instead of selling the horses, what if I rented them out long term, for a monthly fee? I could then predict how much money I’d make every month, and attract more riders – because renting is cheaper than buying.” And soon, everyone was doing it. Today, the subscription economy champions flexible spending, increases access to revenue, and fosters long-lasting customer relationships.

If you enjoyed this little story, I believe you will enjoy working at Chargebee.

Here’s a little bit about me, the storyteller. My name is Gianni Favaretto. I am the Director of Design at Chargebee, and I am passionate about leading my team with kindness, care, and trust.

Our purpose is to deliver the 7-star experience that we believe our customers deserve. To help get there, we are looking to hire a Senior Product Designer to lead and create outstanding, human-friendly design solutions.

What this role and Chargebee will offer you
An investment in you as an individual. At Chargebee, we value traits like curiosity and empathy. We live these values by focusing on the well-being, progress, and success of every individual in our growing tribe.
Join us at a magical time. We just became a unicorn; could there be a more magical time? There is unbounded excitement at Chargebee as we enter hyper-growth. We power organizations across the world as they move to a subscription model, growing along with them. We are also increasingly a global organization, with a 600+ strong workforce spread across 4 continents.
There are exciting design problems to be solved. In the next few years, we are going to be solving some really exciting problems. Yes, this will be messy but pioneering work usually is. In the process, we will design the way subscription businesses and customers interact with each other.
An R&D team full of fresh ideas. Our talented engineers and product managers bring to life solutions and feature in exciting ways, keeping customers at the heart of any effort. Now you will have a seat at the table to be a part of this evolution.
Product Design at Chargebee
We constantly strive to be the bridge between technology and people. Every day, we reimagine design challenges through storytelling. As trusted advisors to the business, it is our responsibility to ensure that we advocate for our customers from roadmap to release.

We also believe that learning creates an environment for the team to grow. We drive this home through our Design Academy Program, where we foster playful engagement with concepts. We are excited about our diverse team of product designers, researchers, and writers (you’re guaranteed a healthy exchange of ideas), our new approach to design, our collaborative design process, and a whole lot more. The sooner you apply, the sooner we can get talking!

What you will do

Collaborate on complex design efforts across multiple products, teams, locations, and time zones
Work alongside and lead fellow designers, writers, engineers, and product managers to bring amazing designs to life
Deliver the designs for each release through working with the Engineering team on driving fit-and-finish polish
Run design sprints wherever necessary in order to help the team define solutions
Leverage and contribute to Chargebee’s Design System to standardize what we hand over
Lead and coach at our Design Academy and ventures led by Chargebee Design
👊 ‎”I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

What I am looking for in a designer
Here’s a list of qualities I like to see in a product designer. While I believe that a good designer is more than just a list, I also want you to have some means for self-evaluation. This can serve as the starting point for our discussions.

You have a several years of experience managing stakeholders and business requirements in e-commerce and crafting high-quality visual designs.
A portfolio that reflects your work.
You have a good level of self-awareness and humble confidence. [You know your stuff, but you need to learn more. You know what you’re doing, but are open to being mistaken and learning]
You can communicate clearly and you have practical communication skills, including presentation writing and delivery.
You put the user at the heart of your designs. [The user is the hero in most of our stories.]
You have familiarity and experience prototyping with HTML, CSS, and UI frameworks like Tailwind CSS. Plus, you have the ability to articulate your design decisions.
You have a track record of effective collaboration with product development and engineering teams.
You are well-versed in a range of concepts from information architecture to user testing.
If this sounds interesting but you’re not sure you’ll tick all the boxes, apply anyway! There’s tons of room to grow at Chargebee.

Chargebee is an equal opportunity employer. Here, you will be welcomed and cherished regardless of gender, race, color, sexual orientation, and beliefs.

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