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Our product
Our main product (Medulla) helps operators of large commercial shipping fleets to ensure visibility, security and compliance of onboard operational and IT systems. Medulla consists of several software components (including log collectors, network management, data analytics and a webapp) and a tightly coupled Security Operations Centre (SOC) service.

We have experienced rapid growth in the last 12 months and our focus has been on acquiring and activating new customers, reducing time and effort for deployment, and ensuring our existing product can scale to meet demand.

Our growth continues in 2022 but our strategy this year also includes work to maximise the value of our services to existing customers, adding features with long-term stickiness, and making ourselves an essential component of our customers’ security workflows.

Product management at CyberOwl
We have an existing Product Manager and Product Designer who work alongside multiple other teams to define and execute our product roadmap. Currently there is user research, security research and market research streams that contribute towards ideas for the roadmap

Product strategy is developed alongside business strategy by our executive team and product managers.

We have two development teams which are likely to expand to three later in the year as we expand our operations in Singapore. Currently we have two sprints per release for our cloud-hosted modules. Each sprint is 2 weeks.

Product jobs, requirements & features are captured and tracked in Harvestr. Development designs and stories and managed via Jira & Figma.

The role
We are looking for another experienced Product Manager to join our existing team to build capacity so that we can move faster and feed our enlarged development team.

There will be an opportunity to discuss how we divide responsibility for product management with our existing PM. This will be based on your skills and experience but responsibilities will likely include:

Effective collaboration with customers and internal teams to understand and prioritise jobs to be done eg
Direct customer and competitor research
Working with marketing to identify, build and emphasise features, metrics or insights that can support thought leadership and lead generation
Working with Sales, Customer success and SOC to improve the overall experience of onboarding
Work with SOC team to identify new data insights that can be included in the product
Work with product marketing and SOC to develop the cyber maturity of our customers and ensure our product meets the needs of more mature customers
Working with external third parties on deployment integrations so the CyberOwl is baked into other onboard technologies
Working with development teams to understand feasibility

Delivering on business strategy and OKRs. For the first 6 months, this will specifically be:
Maximising value and engagement achieved from our demo
Maximising the value realised during our Proof-of-Value phase for new clients (understanding and emphasising the ah-ha moment)
Reducing the sales cycle / helping get to contract as quickly as possible
Order fulfilment and ensuring we can complete roll-out across a fleet as quickly as possible so we maximise revenue from a contract
Building and maintaining a roadmap for development eg
Developing features that reduce the amount and complexity of deployment steps for typical customer environments
Develop features that increase the stickiness of our product and help embed Medulla into an increasing number of customer processes
Plan and oversee a roadmap of R&D to de-risk future roadmap opportunities.
The person
Skills & behaviors
Build strong relationships with our customers and prospects to understand their underlying needs and translate these into user and customer needs

Ability to facilitate the broad collection of needs and ideas but then quickly consolidate and build consensus around the most valuable opportunities

Build strong relationships with our development and service teams to understand the feasibility of different approaches to meeting user needs

Use prototypes or other rapid development approaches to enable or validate findings when needed.

Using data and metrics to diagnose issues and demonstrate progress

Discovery of new user/customer needs that are adjacent/separate to the current user workflow

Understands and can implement INVEST or other types of frameworks that translate product roadmap into feature requirements for development teams

Excellent teamwork skills (ie can adapt process based on working with other team members)

Proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority

Ability to structure and make sense of large amounts of data – and be able to communicate and provide traceability of decisions based on that data.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Must have
3+ years working as a Product Manager in a B2B context and a further 2+ years of wider Product Management, Security or Agile Development experience.

Complete experience of the “build – measure – learn” loop in multiple contexts or products

Can demonstrate experience of rapid experimentation in B2B eg < 3 weeks from idea to live

You will have experience working in a product organisation with product managers, UX designers and domain specialists.

Ideally you can demonstrate with sales and marketing teams for product research purposes (including creating a pipeline of user interviews)

Ideally you have experience in one or some of the following: workflow products, security products, data analysis products, products with streaming architectures, products addressing the maritime or energy sectors

Ideally you will have experience of introducing features with high technical and market risk

Ideally you will have experience with a product where services were an essential part of the overall proposition.

Ideally you can demonstrate experience of successfully influencing development teams to increase customer value in technically complex environments

Ideally you will have experience working in a company that had a rapid period of growth and where you had to navigate rapidly evolving strategy, structures and processes.

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