Technical Product Manager

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development, launch, and ongoing innovation of our expanding product business, a new product customization business
2. Oversee everything from need-finding, user research, market research, idea generation, product positioning, product development, concept development/testing, and product launch & iteration
3. Assist company management with the development, deployment and maintenance of products
4. Serve as the leader and “glue” between multiple company and external touch-points including, market research, user research, analytics, marketing, brand, design, commercialization, and leadership
5. Serve as a liaison between business and technical team
6. Represent the area of responsibility with senior management
7. Manage team of software engineers including developers, testers, designers
8. Perform monthly and as-needed analysis of product results to achieve annual targets
9. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and techniques


– Bachelor’s Degree
– 3+ years of working experience in related field
– Clear understanding of data analysis basics
– Demonstrated use of different BI tools
– Strong prioritization skills and the discipline to focus on  high impact activities
– Ability to work independently under management/time pressure

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