Product Manager

Zero Deposit is an innovative startup looking to revolutionise the property rental sector by offering products and services that meet the needs of tenants, landlords and agents. Our first product offers tenants the opportunity to avoid paying a traditional cash deposit and instead purchase a Zero Deposit Policy that provides the same protection to a landlord whilst freeing up cash for the tenant to spend on other things.

We aim to grow the business on the back of continually exceeding our customer expectations. We will do that by making sure we have great people, backed up by great products and a passion for delivering amazing customer experiences.

We are looking for a product manager to join our tech and product team, based in Central London. We’re not looking for any old PM, the ideal candidate will:

  • Know how to apply the right level of process to get the best out of the team
  • Be results driven, come up with creative solutions to get the things done
  • Manage competing priorities, have the integrity to make tough decisions
  • Be ready to support and help others. Know it’s ok to ask for help themselves
  • Have a commitment to quality whilst being a pragmatic problem solver
  • Have experience working with software development teams. Already understand what Github and pull requests are (or be extremely keen to learn)
  • Have experience working with UX designers and understand the importance of validating and crafting a great customer experience

By joining early you’ll have the ability to shape your role and make a big impact on the company. You’ll report directly to the CTO.

What you’ll do

Day to day:

  • Write and maintain user stories and acceptance criteria for new features
  • Help our developers test their work before it’s deployed live
  • Be the main point of contact for bug reported by customer services
  • Manage frequent deployments to our live environment
  • Communicate released features and fixes to the company and externally to our strategic partners


  • Work with the business and UX teams to define requirements and understand what features and services we need to succeed
  • Plan and prioritise sprints
  • Groom the product backlog
  • Work with UX designers to get the best solutions for our users
  • Work with users (internal and external) to get feedback
  • Onboard and educate staff and customers about product changes and enhancements
  • A/B test features


  • Research opportunities for new product and services
  • Track key metrics
  • Keep the product roadmap updated
  • Work with the CTO on how we evolve the tech and product team
  • Spend time with the operations team to observe how they work and how our processes can be improved

If this role sounds like a good fit then get in touch. If you’re a recruiter don’t waste your time and ours by contacting, we already have a small group of trusted recruiters we work with on occasion.