Senior Product Manager

Responsibilities –

Primary responsibilities are to develop, oversee, and manage the allocated product accounts, by product planning and execution all through the lifecycle of the business. This entails, but is not limited to, gathering and and prioritizing requirements for the product, assisting the the vision for the product, and collaborating with the design, marketing, sales, and operations departments in order to ensure that the financial and consumer satisfaction goals are met. In addition to this, the Senior Product Manager must ensures that that the company’s overall strategy and goals are supported by those of the product.

Strategic Planning

o   Plan and coordinate product lifecycle stages to ensure timely completion – business model, customer discovery, product design, marketing planning, sales techniques, and launch.

o   Work with leaders across the company to drive Design and Marketing to reach company’s sales goals.

o   Understand and plan for any gaps that the Sales team may face based on product availability.

o   Develop strategies based on on product performance for B2B and B2C.

o   Curation of products for customer specific needs, based on collaboration of Design and Sales.

o   Brainstorm and work with cross-departmental partners to ensure entire product launch process is flawless.

Product Development

o   Maintaining the product vision and keeping it communicated consistently across all commercial teams.

o   Understand sales hubs’ needs and desires – products lines, price points, shipping methods

o   Determines product pricing by utilizing market research data.

o   Finding creative solutions to launch innovative product.

o   Complete all costing for allocated product accounts.

o   Ensure correct BOMs are entered into costing systems.

o   Know product collections inside and out to be able to train, educate, and advise sales team.

o   Assesses allocated accounts market competition by comparing the company’s product to competitors’ products.

o   Coordinate with Design to make critical decisions related to product developments.

o   Review product designs and recommend changes to design based on cost or production constraints.

o   Develop relationships with vendors for B2B and/or B2C product.

o   Negotiate costing with suppliers

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