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Sr. Product Manager

At Johnson & Johnson Vision (JJV), we have a bold ambition: to change the trajectory of eye health. The eyes are a key factor in preventing disease, with a simple eye exam able to detect issues from brain tumors to diabetes to multiple sclerosis. JJV makes some of the world’s leading eyecare products like Acuvue contact lenses and surgical systems for cataracts and LASIK, and we are committed to using our reach to help everyone everywhere see better and live healthier lives.

JJV is looking to expand our successful track record of product innovation to tackle some of the vision care industry’s biggest yet-unsolved challenges. We have a strong ambition to democratize healthcare by creating products that pair with our existing technology or stand alone to improve health outcomes. Our focus is on developing the next generation of digital solutions and experiences that don’t yet exist, not only for JJV, but for our industry. That’s where you come in.

You are:

·       Incredibly motivated to build 0 to 1 products. You have the passion, smarts, judgment, communication, and empathy to build JJV’s next killer product, and grow it into a business within the JJV organization.

·       Passionate about identifying the biggest needs of users (consumers and eye care professionals), defining a digital product vision, building & launching an MVP, and iterating with user research and data. What gets you up in the morning is the challenge of finding product-market fit.

·       Looking to create completely new concepts from scratch. You are excellent at defining your product vision with laser focus. You also enjoy working on whitespace problems with a high amount of ambiguity and you have the self-directed ability to forge your own path.

·       Interested in not only developing the engagement a new product needs to be successful, but also in building a strong business model that will create ROI for the business.

·       Experienced at leading agile execution with a product development team (engineering, data science, design, user research, program management, marketing, etc) and wider business team (regulatory, privacy, commercial, R&D, legal, etc)

·       Passionate about healthcare and invigorated by the challenge of working in a technology space where both big tech and healthcare companies have struggled to gain traction. You know where there is challenge, there is opportunity.

·       Awed by the opportunity to have real impact on the health of the billions of consumers J&J serves. You can’t wait to solve the Big Problems in healthcare.

You have:

·       4+ years of consumer-facing software product management experience (or related experience). You have significant experience working on all aspects of the product development lifecycle end to end. You have a track record of bringing successful tech products to market and scaling them.

·       Needed to find product-market fit in the past. Perhaps you were the first PM at a startup, a startup founder, or have worked on getting a new product or product feature off the ground in an existing business.

·       Consistently been an expert on and vigorous advocate for your users. You always have understanding and empathy for their user journey and experience.

·       Deep experience partnering with engineering and the wider product dev team to lead execution of the product roadmap, including PRD/spec definition, UX/UI development, sprint planning & standup, etc. You are a subject matter expert on the teams you lead, continually promoting best practices and upskilling others.

·       Mastered influence without authority. Your incredible communication on cross-functional teams makes you great at setting a strategy and getting buy-in on your vision of the world.

·       Crafted product strategies that involved research and/or landscape assessments and led presentations/ discussions that helped to shape critical thinking and decision making.

·       Extreme grit to push through roadblocks. Because you feel true ownership of the outcomes of your product, you will find workarounds to deliver results or network your way to answers.

·       The skill to define KPIs and success for your product and an obsession with making data-driven decisions. You love to pore over qual / quant user research and usage metrics and synthesize them into insights to understand how to drive the product forward.

·       A BA/BS degree in a relevant field

It’s a plus if you also have:

·       A BA/BS degree in a technical, engineering, or science field

·       Healthcare or life science PM experience

·       Both hardware & software PM experience

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