Join our team at LexisNexis working on data analytics for litigators. We are looking for a customer-focused, entrepreneurial, and creative product manager with 1-3 years’ experience. LexisNexis is a leading legal tech company, and our mission is advancing the rule of law around the world.

The Product Manager II will own one or more product features and lead project execution. He/she will own product development plans and represent their feature(s) within the cross-functional team proposing new feature ideas that address a customer pain point or need based on his/her deep and first hand understanding of the customer. He/she will prioritize and communicate production customer issues and defects based on relevant data for timely resolution and also lead the demo to key stakeholders at program milestones.


Customer Focus
• Interacts frequently with customers, and generates customer requirements.
• Anticipates customer needs and prioritizes those for the organization.
• Understands how his/her role impacts customer satisfaction.
• Analyzes and interprets what is happening in the market, driven by the latest news/incidents, particularly competitive announcements and events.
• Predicts short term market changes and implications on the product.
• Continuously aims to meet customer expectations without compromising the commercial viability of the product.

Data-Driven Decision-Making & Analysis
• Actively gathers data from multiple sources (customer, market analysis, sales and revenue, etc.) to drive solutions to business problems and issues of consequence to the company.
• Demonstrates the ability to make trade off decisions between potential product capabilities.
• Evaluates product hypotheses in a quantitative manner, including AB testing for interactive products.
• Effectively manages day-to-day issues and problems without intervention.
• Generates new ideas by analyzing product data for insights.

Go to Market & Product Marketing Lifecycle
• Supports the go to market strategy with good communication of customer requirements and timelines to stakeholders.
• Assists on launch plans through coordinated development with external customer facing teams such as marketing and sales.
• Answers sales and customer questions regarding feature function, pricing, packaging, value proposition and competition.
• Offers Train-the-Trainer sessions in support of operations for market rollout.
• Assists on collateral for sales demonstrations and customer events.
• Outlines key milestones, outcomes and deliverables during go-to-market and product strategy planning.

Product Delivery & Development Lifecycle
• Solves customer issues with product features that achieve business goals and metrics.
• Has a deep understanding of his/her feature area and develops prototypes.
• Participates in product discovery, according to defined process, for new product development.
• Manages portions of the product lifecycle.
• Is familiar with SDLCs as identified by management e.g. agile processes.

Strategy & Commercial Acumen
• Determines strategic product vision and priorities for a feature area, and shapes/champions future product direction.
• Independently uses information derived from competitive analysis to drive product direction and strategy.
• Understands, formulates and budgets the operating costs required to deliver the revenues.
• Creates product development plans including opportunity assessment and business case.

Technical Skills
• Considers high-level technical approaches to use when prioritizing functionality.
• Is proficient in various technologies to assist day-to-day tasks (Excel, Balsamiq, Tableau, Python, SQL, etc.)
• Has a firm grasp of data and technical architecture principles and best practices.