Senior Product Manager


Launchmetrics is the leading Brand Performance Cloud used by Fashion, Luxury and Beauty (FLB) executives to connect with the modern consumer in a constantly changing landscape. With over a decade of industry expertise, we have helped more than 1,000 customers create inspiring, impactful and measurable experiences.

Our Brand Performance Cloud provides companies with the tools and intelligence they need to optimize the use of their creative assets, execute powerful brand amplification programs and measure their brand performance.


You will integrate the Launch Tribe of Launchmetrics. As its name suggests, the Launch Tribe’s mission is to help our customers Launch their collections. Thanks to our tools, they do it more efficiently, with a better time to market, and a greater impact on the whole industry.

As our “L2M” PM, you will be in charge of the Core of the Launch Tribe: Contacts, Events Samples. Products that enable our end users to organize Events, reach out to their industry Contacts (press, stylists, influencers), and amplify their collection via physical Sample sendouts. Millions of dollars are spent every season on these activities, and Billions of MIV™ are generated in return.

As a PM at Launchmetrics, you will be in charge of identifying high-level objectives for your product — following its KPIs — creating, maintaining, and communicating on its roadmap — leading your Product Squad — analyzing market trends & competitive landscapes, and everything in between.

In short, you will be responsible for the success of your product, so you’ll need to:

  • Talk with your users. A lot. đź‘‚
  • Articulate their needs into clear product features and requirements that can be quantified. âś…
  • Define the metrics and KPIs used to measure adoption and performance of your product over time. 🎯
  • Work and communicate closely with Product Designers, stakeholders, Product Marketing, CS & Sales, and C-level executives, while speaking the right language with each of them. 🗣️

Your profile

  • You have 4+ years’ experience in Product Management.
  • You have experience in the FLB industry.
  • You have a passion for solving user problems, discovering pain points and digging deep into potential solutions.
  • Fast, results-oriented environments are your thing. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and you want to deliver the most value to your customers as quickly as possible.
  • You are a kickass organizer and prioritizer. You easily see what to cut and what to keep.
  • You love wearing multiple hats: technical, design, UX, sales, marketing…You know these roles and how to talk with a specialist in any of them.
  • You love Data. You don’t celebrate features, you celebrate successes. Measuring and factoring in those learnings into future prioritization is your bread and butter.
  • You’re a great communicator. You realize that you’re not going to figure out all the solutions on your own. You can bring people together to find the best ideas and solve problems together.

You’ll be our rockstar if

  • You are an agile guru, knowing how to organize teams to deliver user value in rapid increments.
  • You know how to challenge technical teams to develop practical solutions in a complex environment.
  • You can think big, taking a step back from the day-to-day delivery to think strategy.
  • You can identify future disruptive opportunities, and you can make concrete plans for how to take advantage of them.

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