Product Manager


Everyone is destined to do great work; everyone desires to realize his/her own future.

But where does one start?? How does one identify the passions and skills that make them unique? How do you choose college and a career to maximize your potential?

FUTURELY found a “recipe” to answer these questions and to accompany students in personalized programs that empower their awareness, ambition, and openness, combining fun and innovation.

FUTURELY ( is an early-stage startup focused on building the #1 digital career counseling service that is personalized, guided, interactive, Genz oriented. After the launch in Silicon Valley, we exponentially grew in the US, where both students and schools love us!

We invest immensely in our team, made of young, talented, and ambitious entrepreneurs, data scientists, and designers, coming from Harvard, MIT, BCG, McKinsey and Amazon, listed in ForbesUnder30. Thanks to this team, we are not just building a fantastic product, but we are dramatically changing US education while filling the gap between schools and jobs.

As we grow faster and faster, we are always looking for exceptional talents that embrace and share our mission. If that sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate to email us at .


  • Huge Impact – You will have a critical role in taking strategic choices and shaping the culture. As one of the first members of the product team, you will influence the goals, the budget and our strategic roadmap working directly with the cofounders.
  • Top-notch team – You will be surrounded by young experts, leaders, advisors and innovators. You’ll work with smart and nice people and experience what it feels like to be a visionary in a visionary organization.
  • Trust and autonomy – You will lead your work, with your intelligence. Together with your team, you’ll be free to choose a direction, test, fail, and try again. We are looking for entrepreneurs.
  • International reach – You will be part of an international team with an international breath. Your product will reach customers all over the world, acquiring truly global exposure.


As Sr Product Manager, you will have direct responsibility for leading the growth of the company. In a nutshell, you will drive product vision, product innovation, product design, user research, product development, product marketing initiatives, product analytics and metrics of Futurely!

Your responsibilities include but are not limited to

  • Designing, improving, and maintaining the product to guarantee it continues to satisfy customers; remaining sensitive to customers
  • Create and present visionary innovations, strategic decision proposals, as well as the calculation of business cases
  • Define a model and key performance indicators to track program success and establish a process to track them; Key Performance Indicators include revenue, profits, retention, conversions, user satisfaction, and engagement
  • Strategic planning and management of the entire product portfolio
  • Look across different industries to see the big picture, analyze large volumes of information to spot trends, and offer new approaches to old problems.
  • Understand the customer better to make a product they will love using a data-driven approach
  • Perform structured but quick A/B tests across different features to increase retention, conversion, engagement
  • Perform UX research to understand the friction in the customer journey and increase engagement by identifying these UX pain points.
  • Closely work with the tech team to implement the product


  • Drive and ownership – You are passionate, hard-working, and keep going through adversity until the job is done. You get turned on by getting results, and always aim for excellence and pragmatism in what you do. You are customer-obsessed, with a strong sense of ownership.
  • Leadership – You can lead a team, either remotely or in person. You can coach and develop people.
  • Curiosity and initiative – You love exploring and you have an entrepreneurial mindset, proactively looking for new opportunities and testing new ideas. You believe that the customer is always right. You are enthusiastic about digging deeper into the problem and recommending the best way to address it. Moreover, you transmit this enthusiasm to other people.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree or MBA preferred
  • Ability to break down broad goals and long-term strategies into manageable tasks
  • Experience in working within the product domain where you are responsible for user retention, engagement, conversion
  • Experience in project management, agile practices, running A/B tests with a focus on results
  • Experience in tracking the User experience for the product and leading the UX related efforts to prevent churn, improve related metrics
  • Experience in defining the roadmap and executing it with the help of a team
  • Experience in leading the customer relations efforts
  • Experience in a data-driven approach to make decisions that affect the product
  • Experience in working closely with the tech team to quickly implement and test different solutions