Junior Product Manager

The fun stuff you’ll actually be doing:

– Managing a team of exceedingly good developers to ensure the delivery of high quality products
– Immersing yourself across multiple products in various domains, no two projects are the same
– Liaising with clients to ensure they are fully informed on all decisions you are making
– Writing user stories through conventional techniques such as behaviour driven development
– Working closely with the Product Manager to control the SPRINT plan and determine cadence
– Identifying real solutions to real problems using lean and agile techniques
– Communicating all of the above to internal/external stakeholders in an engaging fashion

What we need and what you have:

A curious mind with a passion for learning and a keen interest in tech
– Experience working and liaising with a globally diverse set of stakeholders
– An ability to efficiently manage resources and track multiple projects simultaneously
– Strong organisational skills with an ability to manage a busy workload and deliver to deadlines
– An ability to identify, interpret and manage stakeholder requests and expectations
– Strategic approach backed by an analytical attention to the details and underlying messages
– Experience working in an agile environment using Scrum and Kanban methodologies
– An approachable facilitator who can communicate and engage with wide audiences
– Risk management experience to minimise and mitigate against harmful events

Why you’ll love ucreate:

– You’ll actually be part of something amazing (we build great startups!)
– Mentorship is a given so you’ll actually learn something through hands on experience
– Imagine more opportunities than you can shake a stick at and that’s about right
– You have full autonomy over your efforts (so give yourself a real challenge)
– No one at ucreate is too ‘senior’ to give their time or speak with you
– We listen to your ideas and empower you to make an impact on the direction of a real product
– Satisfaction is guaranteed if you work as hard as your CV says you do

Salary: £25000 – £27000