About Resolve

Resolve is building the TurboTax for helping everyday Americans fight medical debt. 130M Americans struggle financially from medical debt totaling as much as $1 Trillion, and we’re helping them fight back – lowering the amount they owe and allowing them to move on with their lives.

To date we’ve aggregated over $300M of medical debt and serviced over $30M, with an average of 65% savings. We understand how to analyze both a medical bill and a patient’s situation, how to build a strategy around savings, and how to actually execute to drive real savings and real results. We’re building automation around this to drive towards a world where an everyday medical bill doesn’t bankrupt an everyday American.

Resolve is a venture funded start-up backed by founders of category defining companies (MongoDB, Funding Circle, Gilt Groupe, Zola, Business Insider, Groups Recover Together, Nomi, Compass, Seamless and more) and we’re scaling rapidly.

Product Manager/Director

The Product Manager/Director will be responsible for building and iterating on our Product MVP – translating Resolve’s existing business into a consumer product that allows for significant scale.

You will focus on building a user experience that builds trust and confidence and encourages signup and payment, identifying core user problem sets to build products around, and determining how to best activate users within those products.

You’ll work both with senior leadership and a team of 4-6 developers on building, executing, and iterating on the product vision and strategy:

Strategy: Work closely with the CEO and senior leadership to build product strategy. Conduct user and market research, competitive analysis, and expert interviews to identify and prioritize products and focus areas. Identify core questions and problems that consumers may have and work with leadership to analyze and build solutions. All with a drive towards engaging and activating consumers in need of help with their medical debt.

Execution: Work closely with the engineering team to ensure product priorities are built on time. Build out and manage product sprints, take feedback from the engineering team

Iteration: review and analyze user behavior in both a qualitative (user interviews/surveys) and quantitative (data analytics) way. Build and monitor KPIs to track towards, and Identify key problem areas for users and work with senior leadership on building and prioritizing solutions and restarting the cycle.

Key Skills

  • Strongly aligned with our mission and vision
  • Understanding of human psychology and empathy for patients facing medical debt – we want you to live and breathe our users
  • Understanding of user science and ability to use it to drive product decisions
  • Analytical, metrics driven, and detail oriented
  • Action-oriented, able to move and iterate rapidly
  • Ability to work  in a data management platform (e.g. Tableau, Mixpanel, etc)
  • Ability to concisely communicate salient information amongst multiple stakeholders
  • High degree of structured thinking and problem solving capability

Key Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years experience in D2C Product Management, preferably at a venture funded startup or large tech company
  • Experience in healthtech or fintech is preferred but not required
  • Comfort with SQL a plus

Job Benefits

  • Competitive base salary
  • Meaningful equity in company
  • Health benefits
  • Work from home
  • Significant autonomy
  • Front row seat to building a tech startup
  • Opportunity to solve a real and meaningful problem (and set of sub-problems)

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