SVP of Products

At Bluebeam, our purpose is clear:  We empower people to advance the way the world is built, proactively innovating and creating long-term value for our industry.

In order to make the impact on our world that we desire to, we know that our people are what matters most.  To fully embody our purpose requires building and developing an extraordinary team of people who are committed to the success of each of our customers and to their fellow employees.

This is why we hire for both competency and character.  We are committed to hiring employees with the ability to achieve superior results while maintaining an ethical and team-based approach to their work.

We believe that teamwork is the ultimate long-term competitive advantage, and we hire those who can remain committed to companywide results that create value for our customers rather than working for their own desires for power or career advancement.  This means that every employee needs to be willing to roll up their sleeves alongside their fellow employees, no matter the task, to ensure the company (not just a department or individual) accomplishes its goals.

We also believe all employees are to act as leaders, whether they proactively lead themselves through their daily activities, or lead a team.

We hire people who:

  • Have integrity
  • See challenges as opportunities
  • Are committed to continual improvement
  • Demonstrate trust and are willing to be vulnerable about mistakes and weaknesses
  • Engage in positive, productive conflict and unfiltered debate of ideas
  • Can fully commit to corporate decisions, even if they disagree with some of them
  • Hold peers accountable in order to ensure we achieve our company goals on behalf of our customers
  • Are laser-focused upon achievement of Bluebeam’s companywide results

In summary, Bluebeam employees are a team of people committed to winning together as we work to create real value for our customers.  And we are committed to winning the right way – both ethically and as a team.

What We Are Looking For:

The Products organization at Bluebeam has a wide-reaching impact on our overall company vision and the ultimate success of our products in the marketplace.

The Products organization at Bluebeam encompasses three main sub-functions:

  1. Product Management
  2. Product Design
  3. Product Marketing

As Bluebeam continues to grow and expand globally, our senior leaders need the ability to inspire and organize large teams while leading matrixed initiatives across departments to achieve results in alignment with our company objectives.

If you are a highly-experienced products leader with deep proficiency in the above sub-functions, and who also resonates with a desire to impact Bluebeam’s product vision and strategy as part of an incredibly committed and customer-focused team, Bluebeam may be the company for you.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Build, develop and lead a Products organization focused on imagining, defining, delivering and communicating the right product for the right set of customers at the right time and the right price, in alignment with our company purpose, vision and business objectives
  • Lead all aspects of product lifecycle management from ideation to end-of-life, working across functions to ensure the ongoing success of our entire product line
  • Envision, define and communicate a powerful, market-informed product vision and strategic roadmap with the ability to galvanize the company towards delivering the roadmap and increasingly connecting customers with Bluebeam’s products
  • Oversee the development and management of strategic product integrations and product partnerships
  • Direct the development and communication of value propositions for Bluebeam’s products, the creation of sales tools that enable the selling process and the transference of knowledge regarding our customer’s needs and their buying criteria throughout the sales channel
  • Oversee the creation of powerful and varied channels to allow Bluebeam to deeply listen to our customers, intimately understanding their workflows, business objectives and the challenges they face to ensure we build high value products that help our customers achieve their most critical objectives
  • Create deep market intelligence processes within Bluebeam, uncovering industry trends, discovering market opportunities, leading competitive analysis and market research to inform the creation of commercially-successful business plans
  • Key driver and influencer in bringing the product to market and ensuring its ongoing success, including go-to-market planning related to product launch, pricing, distribution channels, international markets, product adoption and utilization
  • Work alongside Bluebeam Sales Leadership to inform strategic customer-facing positioning and messaging of product benefits to customers, partners, and market influencers, guaranteeing maximum market understanding and product reach
  • Direct development of differentiated product messaging and positioning for all of Bluebeam’s products, leading collaboratively alongside our Marketing team to ensure execution on aligned marketing programs that increase demand
  • Create and foster a culture of commercial business planning and analytically-informed decision-making throughout the Products team
  • Collaborate across functions to develop Bluebeam’s standards for product demonstrations, ensuring all necessary teams are able to deliver powerful presentations to customers and prospects while having the ability to train our partners to do the same
  • Foster a creative, collaborative and innovative approach to product design and development that continually challenges the status quo and encourages our teams to not only deliver needed functionality, but do it a way that delights our customers and stamps the solution as uniquely Bluebeam
  • Productively collaborate with other brands within The Nemetschek Group (Bluebeam’s parent company) on strategic group-wide projects

Core Competencies:

  • Ability to lead with a customer-focus in all things, inspiring each employee as to how each of their roles impacts the company, our customers and our industry
  • Highly-developed communication skills, embodying the role of an internal and external advocate and evangelist for Bluebeam’s products through use of clear and coherent customer stories
  • A history of delivering results and leading with a balanced focus on both analytical business planning and rapid execution
  • Experience working in an Agile Scrum development environment with ability to work with Engineering leadership to lead process adjustments that improve collaboration, performance, time-to-market and product quality
  • Keen aptitude for leading collaboratively across functions, fostering continuous and rapid experimentation, testing and learning while respecting and valuing differences in roles across functions
  • Proficient in modern product planning, customer discovery and product development processes
  • Experience with global product strategy and product localization efforts, directly enabling regional business development planning and in alignment with associated international sales and marketing efforts across various channel types
  • Able to work cross-functionally to create decision-making models that forecast the financial impacts of new products, changes in business models, product pricing, etc.
  • Focused on defining a powerful set of minimum marketable features (MMFs) while being equally focused on driving the organization to deliver them
  • Ability to “zoom in” and “zoom out”, rolling up their sleeves and getting deep into the details while still being able to maintain a view of the big picture and summarizing information for executive level communications
  • Experience in building new processes and/or improving existing ones in order to prepare the company to scale and grow globally
  • Career experience in companies in various stages of the business lifecycle (start-up, rapid growth, maturity, decline, rebirth)
  • Keen ability to recruit, hire, manage and develop a talented team of product managers, product and UI/UX designers, product marketers and technical writers
  • Maintains composure while adapting to different cultures and approaches, rather than disrupting or forcing “one-size-fits-all” thinking upon others
  • Experience in product management and/or product marketing of business-to-business Enterprise software ideal, with experience in cloud-based, collaborative product workflows preferred
  • Appropriate educational background (degree in engineering, notably software engineering, is preferred)


  • This role will be full time and located in Pasadena, CA