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Technology Product Management at SAGE Publications is an experienced group of Product Managers and Product Owners responsible for the planning and management of the products, services, and platforms across SAGE’s Technology group. Our team combines a deep understanding of users and the business context to inform strategic roadmaps, prioritize what is delivered to users, and communicate to stakeholders and users.

We discover the right solutions by performing industry research, user interviews, and problem/solution assessments. Our team represent the voice of the user (whether that is an internal or external) through a deep understanding of their behaviours and needs.

Product Managers and Product Owners balance our understanding of SAGE’s technology strategy with the potential cost savings and commercial opportunities needed to scope the product and platform solutions.

We leverage a host of frameworks including Lean, Agile, and Design Thinking, to ensure that the product discovery, planning, reporting and delivery of our roadmaps are well executed, clearly communicated, and align to strategic goals.

To maximize the value of the technology product resulting from the work of the agile delivery team. To ensure that the product backlog is created, analysed, defined and clearly communicated. To ensure that the backlog is ordered in alignment with the strategic objectives, business goals and reflects the priorities of the roadmap’s strategic direction. To ensure that the product backlog is transparent, visible and understood. To clearly communicate the value of what has been delivered.

Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities

  • Developing and communicating the product goal in collaboration with the Portfolio Product Manager and in alignment with the strategic objectives and business goals
  • Creating, refining and clearly communicating product backlog items with stakeholder and technical audiences
  • Ordering product backlog items
  • Ensuring that the product backlog is transparent, visible and understood
  • Ability to facilitate user story sessions and requirements workshops with cross-functional stakeholder groups and the technical team
  • Make and clearly communicate decisions about the backlog
  • Influence and empathize with stakeholders
  • Manage and oversee product budgets to deliver desired outcomes
  • Coordinate with other Product Owners to collaborate and agree prioritization of delivery objects
  • Negotiate and resolve disagreement
  • Motivate, inspire and coach teams
  • Continuous learning of new business domain and technical knowledge
  • Coordinate and collaborate with Portfolio Product Managers and other Product Owners
  • Identify process improvements
  • Adapt and explore as new needs are elicited and results are reviewed

Qualifications & Education

  • Extensive experience of applying product owner or business analysis techniques in successful technology teams delivering enhancements to enterprise application
  • IT expertise and domain knowledge
  • Experience of working effectively in globally distributed teams
  • Experience of working on agile / Scrum teams
  • Product Owner or Business Analysis certification desired

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We are committed to making SAGE an inclusive place to work and are working to improve diversity within our organization.

We strongly believe in the need to address structural inequalities within society and are committed to playing our part in helping to drive the fundamental changes required.

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