Product Manager

Quantum Workplace is a fast-growing company that creates and sells awesome talent management software. Our tools help companies measure and grow workplace effectiveness and uncover hidden truth. Our mission is to make work better every day.  We combine excellence in technology with a firm dedication to the development and potential of our people. We’re in the business of recognizing awesome work environments—and are committed to being one also. We are smart people who care deeply about what we do. We work hard but laugh harder. We wear casual clothes, work flexible hours and get stuff done. You’ll love it here.

We are looking for a full-time Product Manager for our Product team.

Who are you?

You’re curious. As a kid, you got in trouble for always taking stuff apart to see how it worked.  You were the one always asking “Why? Why? Why?” You’re still the one always asking “Why? Why? Why?”

You’re creative. Not “artsy-creative” like with pencils and paint – but “problem-solver creative”, as in you’re able to combine concepts and ideas to create new approaches and solutions.

You’re a doer. You know perfection is the enemy of done. You know that sometimes you’ll have to do some un-fun work to push a project to completion.

You’re empathetic. You understand what people need, sometimes even when they themselves don’t or can’t find the right words.

You like people. You get along with people but you’re also not afraid to challenge them – and you’re clever enough to do so without getting into a fist-fight.


What will you do at Quantum Workplace?

We’re never done improving. You’re going to help make our amazing software even better.

You’ll work with people inside and outside of QW to uncover new and better ways to do things. You’ll be a detective (talking to customers and sleuthing out what other companies are doing in our industry and beyond).  You’ll cast a long-term vision for the product, chart a roadmap to get there and manage feature prioritization.

You’ll get creative in how you communicate requirements: sometimes you’ll just use words, sometimes you’ll draw pictures or create wireframe mockups and interactive prototypes.  You’ll often have to find entirely new ways to get everybody on the same page and discover unspoken assumptions, needs and obstacles.

You’ll do whatever it takes to ship new products and features. You’ll manage features and enhancements from concept to completion (and beyond). You’ll work with developers and UX designers within an agile development process focused on quick and continuous iteration.

You’ll make darn sure the software delivered matches client and internal needs.  You’re not too proud to get your hands dirty.  You’ll be responsible for testing new stuff and working to make sure we’ve accomplished what we set out to achieve.

You’ll train other Qwirks (QW folks) how to use your product and its features. You’ll help our sales associates pitch the product/features in ways that wow clients and prospects, heck you’ll probably do some selling yourself. You’ll be an entrepreneur, baby, a Product CEO!

Where are all the bullet points?

If you’re looking for a list of things like “Experience with Excel and PowerPoint a plus”, you probably don’t want to work here.  We haven’t found a checklist for great people.