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NoNameYet Studio – Freelance Product Manager

NoNameYet are looking for a freelance product manager to become a regular part of our fully remote, internationally distributed team, working on complex projects and products for a range of interesting clients.

We’re a product innovation studio based, founded in New York, helping clients realise the best version of their idea. Whether that’s helping a start-up that recently raised a round deliver on promises to investors, re-branding a gaming platform, or helping larger organisations recognise industry best practice across design, development and technology – we work in close collaboration with clients, focusing on helping them resolve complex problems and putting them in a position to take the new practices forward into their day-to-day work.

There’s no typical day for a product manager at NNY because of the variety of projects and industries we work across, but your day-to-day might look like this:

  • Running stand-ups with development teams
  • Attending and contributing to UX and UI work sessions across a range of projects
  • Working with clients to help manage and prioritise upcoming work and keeping their eyes on the prize at the end of the roadmap
  • Keeping in close contact with dev, QA and client teams to plan and execute regular releases
  • Making lots of decisions to help unblock the various people working on a given project
  • Working with the head of product management and product director to ensure all projects across the studio are correctly resourced and on target.


What you won’t be doing:

  • Spending hours writing documentation that needs to be re-written every time we change course
  • Using Jira 😉
  • Working alone and having no contact with the rest of the team
  • Twiddling your thumbs
  • Behaving like a project manager rather than a product manager
  • Prioritising “your project” over the slate of projects on the studio’s books



There’s no hard-set requirements for this role. Instead ,we’re looking for junior to mid-level PMs who have the initiative and motivation to move projects forward, with experience of working with design and development teams on a day-to-day basis. If you’ve worked on your own projects or across a broad range of different  types of industries, product categories or disciplines then you’d be a good match too.

You must be comfortable working without 100% of the answers, and be happy with an iterative approach that often means decisions you made yesterday are no longer relevant by the time you wake up (some people aren’t happy with this, we’re just being honest and realistic from the off!).

Fully remote – timezone wise, UTC + 1 through to East Coast US, is the best fit for us.

How to apply: If you’d like to join a closely collaborative team with people in the US, UK, Germany, France, Romania, Sweden, Israel and more, send your CV / Resume, along with your day rate and availability to:




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