Product Manager

Full-Time Taipei, Taiwan Closes: 2022-10-31

🤩 ALPHA Camp is hiring a Product Manager🤩

ALPHA Camp is Asia’s most influential technology and startup school. Starting in 2014, we have more than 6,500 alumni who transferred their careers to software engineers working in big companies or startups in Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and more.

“We Empowered Your Career”, We have a clear vision, strategy, and strong executions.

“Outcome First” is our core value. We keep growing and getting closer to our vision.

JOIN US 💪 Let’s build the empowered product team together.

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About Platform Team

  • Key Responsible Area:
    • Support business outcomes by tech + Proactively discover new opportunities
  • As an empowered product team 💪, our goal is to drive outcomes for our customers that create value for our business.
    • Deliver outcome, not output. Resolve problems but not execute solutions.
    • Collaborate with users to resolve their needs, pains, and desires, and with stakeholders to grow the business.
    • If you want to make an impact; If you like to resolve problems instead of just doing what you have been told, here is for you.

Job Description

  • Be responsible for
    • Learning Management System(LMS)
    • Internal Tools
  • As product managers, we decide what to build and build it:
    • Product Discovery
    • Weekly interviews with external and internal users to accumulate our understanding.
    • Curious about how other technology/users resolve similar problems.
    • Do product analysis, including competitors and market analysis.
    • Clarify problems and define the outcomes according to our product strategy.
    • Product Delivery
    • Based on the defined problems and outcomes, collaborate with engineers, designers, and consultants to find solutions.
    • Evaluate the solutions.
    • Remove the blocks for the engineers, designers, and others in the product development process.
    • Define and do the test plan.
    • Make sure the adoption works.
  • We use 2 weeks as the shipping tempo.

As Platform PM

You know how to do product discovery and product delivery. You are a strong product manager who knows how to find out the opportunities, users’ needs/pains/desires, and collaborates with engineers, and designers to ensure we solve users’ problems and fulfill the company goal.

  • Requirements
    • Know what is Product Discovery and have done it before
    • Good at communication across teams, and with external partners.
    • Be empathy
    • Curious about products, users, and technology
    • Good at UX, have done user flow, etc.
  • Nice to have
    • Willing to apply Data Analysis
    • Know how to co-work with external partners

Apply Now

Please send us a cover letter and your resume.

Email to:
Subject: Apply Platform PM – your name

We will review it in 1 week. If you pass the review, we will send you a take-home Case Study. It helps us know more about how you structure the problems.

The required time is no more than 2 hours.
It’s not paid work.
We will invite you for interviews if you do well in the case study.

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