Product Manager

Who We Are
We’re building Team Engine in recognition of the unique challenges that blue-collar businesses face in building and running high-performing teams.

These businesses are in a fiercely competitive employment landscape, including:

  • high turnover rates (wage war),
  • low quality/poor fit job applicants scattered across sources, and
  • limited dedicated personnel and/or direct experience with recruiting, HR, and best practices for people management in blue-collar contexts

Team Engine solves these problems by helping people leaders in these businesses become more efficient and effective in hiring and retention so that they can better serve their customers.

The Role
We’re looking for a product manager with 2-4 years of product management experience to help lead a small, established team of 7 (ridiculously awesome) engineers in defining and building compelling product solutions.

This role is only the second hire to the product team (ever), which means you’ll benefit from a strong foundation of product direction and product role expectation-setting while also taking on high levels of ownership, responsibility and autonomy.

In this role, you’ll have the support and mentorship of a small, established team that has hit their stride. You’ll be a close partner with and complement to our Director, Product & UX, who brings top-notch discovery skills as well as significant management experience and ride-or-die levels of commitment to your growth and success.

We’re well-funded, resourceful and fiscally responsible, with experienced founders (Dave Pacifico, Carlos del Pozo, Ed Hallen – look them up!).

What You’ll Do

  • Capture, synthesize and clearly articulate customer problems/opportunities, including direct customer research, product usage data, and Sales/Customer Success interactions.
  • Define and prioritize customer problems/opportunities, working with Engineering teammates to make smart scoping, phasing and tradeoff decisions, and continuing to push until we hit customer outcomes (not outputs).
  • Take the lead on experimentation, assumption testing, and evolving product decisions over time as we learn more (no ship and forget).

About You

  • Excellent analytical skills, including the ability to break down complex problems, prioritize effectively and make smart, strategic decisions with imperfect information.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including precisely articulating customer problems, inspiring others with the “why” behind product decisions, and helping others feel the same sense of urgency that you do in solving customer problems.
  • Curiosity, positivity, and a growth mindset.
  • 2+ years product management experience
  • Bonuses: Previous startup experience, knowledge of blue-collar context or text communication-based businesses, SQL or other strong data manipulation skills

Things We Value

  • Building software that truly solves key problems for our customers
  • Working as a team and having fun as a group
  • Constant improvement, both as individuals and as a company
  • Integrity in both our actions and in how our software is used
  • Bias to action, observation and adjustment over analysis paralysis

At Team Engine, we value unique backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. If you’re a close but not exact match with the description, we hope you’ll still consider applying.

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