Product Manager (1st Product Hire at B2B SaaS Startup)

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Product Manager (1st Product Hire)
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Why Offsite?

While there are many benefits for employers and employees alike in working remotely, running any company is challenging enough, let alone a remote-first organization.

Offsite ( is helping create more engaged, connected, and empathetic workplaces of the future by allowing People Leaders at high-growth tech companies to easily plan, manage, and follow-up after team retreats and other types of Offsites.

Offsite is looking for our first Product leader to interface between the founders, clients, and the engineering team, ultimately owning the product roadmap for the first software platform offering end-to-end Offsite planning to remote and hybrid companies.

You’ll be a major part of determining how the platform, now and in the future, will deliver value to our clients, partners, and internal teams.

The role involves making decisions both around our client-facing product, as well as internal tooling that helps our team deliver world class in-person experiences.

This is a unique opportunity to:

👉 join a VC-backed startup as one of our first full-time employees

👉 work wherever you want, however you want (so long as you have exceptional WiFi connection), with invitation to quarterly team retreats and other fun Offsites we’re planning for our team and our clients

👉 be our first Product leader with access to veteran product leaders who are early investors in Offsite, and a vital role in determining the future of our company

👉 support the world’s top startups, publicly-traded companies, and agencies using Offsite for their team retreat needs

👉 and so much more!


Overview of Responsibilities:

Help shape the vision of the product with key stakeholders.
Own the product roadmap for our SaaS-enabled marketplace product.Determine prioritization and timelines to meet these goals.
Define and executive the product strategy as the business grows and changes.

Work with our engineering team to define requirements and documentation to communicate how core functionality is used across the rest of the business.Define requirements, acceptance criteria and tasks for our engineering team to execute on.

Will be responsible for some project management tasks that help engineering plan (experience with Linear is a huge plus). You can take a set of high-level requirements or mockups and turn them into more granular tasks.

Work with our Client Success team to understand their processes and how technology and automation can augment their workflow.
Reduce feedback, feature requests, and bug reports into useful, actionable tasks.

Creating KPIs and metrics to measure success.


What You’ll Actually Be Doing:

Talking to Clients, Our Team, and Our Engineers
While we have a clear high level vision for our product, you’ll be responsible for formalizing high-level ideas into validated product requirements.You’ll be crucial to helping Offsite transition from a service-first business (planning Offsites with skilled humans) to a product-first business.

Therefore, not only will you be speaking with our clients to learn what Offsite planners and end users need from the product, but you’ll also work with our Client Success team to better understand what internal tooling would save them time and allow us to plan more Offsites with less people.

We already have a focus group, as well as multiple clients-turned-investors, so getting access to clients is easy for us. Doing something meaningful with the feedback is something we’re hoping you will do masterfully.

Scoping Product Requirements Months Ahead Of Engineering Sprints
We need one Product Manager to handle all aspects of building this product for the next ~18 months. Your work will lead to a detailed hiring plan for our engineering team, so we can execute the Product Roadmap faster without keeping engineers idle.You’ll have to be OK with basic UX/UI where necessary, as we likely won’t have a designer for you to work with for the first 6-12 months of your time at Offsite.

You’ll work on the entirety of the product instead of individual features.

You’ll have to balance client demands and internal demands with our product vision. In other words, you’ll have to balance and utilize stakeholder feedback in a useful way.

You’ll keep an eye on competitors and seek ways for Offsite to build a unique value proposition, as well as determine ways for Offsite to build a “moat” through our product, where our product gets “smarter” and “stickier” over time as we plan more Offsites.

You’ll work directly with Andrew, our lead Full-Stack Engineer, on sprint management, to ensure the highest-priority items on the Product Roadmap are being shipped regularly, and that we stick to an aggressive timeline on delivering useable features to the market.

Developing Your Career As A Product Leader
You will play an active role in building diverse, high-performing, and engaged/aligned product and engineering teams during your time at Offsite.You’ll be a crucial recruiter and “voice in the room” when hiring our next 5-10 engineers (or more!), working alongside Jared, our co-founder/CEO, and Andrew on hiring the right people to execute your Product Roadmap.

You’ll be tasked with creating a culture of candor within Offsite where team members, clients, and other stakeholders feel comfortable sharing constructive criticisms with us that will allow you to lead the creation of a category-defining product.

While you will likely be our only Product leader for your first year or so at Offsite, in Year 2 and beyond, you’ll be in a position to build out your team with other key hires.

Once you lead us through product-market fit on our first Product, you’ll be in prime position to help us explore the development of other products in our roadmap, so we can create an ecosystem of tools that help our clients plan stress-free team retreats, and perhaps in the future conferences, Offsites in VR/metaverse, and other remote/hybrid work experiences.


Requirements and Qualifications

3-5 years product management experience, or experience in a multidisciplinary project management, or business analyst role.

(Marketplace and B2B SaaS experience is a plus)

Ideally, you’ve been the first or second Product hire at a B2B SaaS company, and stayed with the company from 10-20 employees through 50-100 employees.

Experience in managing the product lifecycle for a B2B SaaS and/or marketplace company.Ideally, you’ve managed a product through a beta launch, months of sprint-to-sprint iterations, and ultimately product-market fit.

Familiarity with writing requirements for product changes, breaking these down to more granular, somewhat technical requirements.

Ideally, you’ll be able to take a high-level product roadmap and write Linear tickets to describe our product requirements that are detailed, prioritized to maximize engineering output, and validated by way of feedback with our team and clients.

Understanding of technical concepts, and the ability to digest complex processes.

Ability to work with existing ideas, and collaborate with other teams.
Familiarity with project management software (we use Asana and Linear, currently).

Basic UI design experience is a plus.
Understanding of UX design is a plus.

Excitement around joining an early-stage, VC-backed, high-growth technology startup and the opportunity to hyper-charge your career development

Demonstrated coachability, humility, and motivation

This role is fully remote and will require occasional travel (ie. quarterly offsites with the team, conferences, etc)


đź’ˇ Interested in this role? Please email


About Offsite:

Offsite ( provides our clients (ie high-growth companies) with stress-free, end-to-end team retreat, client-facing, and other “offsite” planning.

We also provide our partners (ie hotels, meeting spaces, and other types of vendors) with new sources of revenue while saving them time on marketing and fulfillment of their services.

Our clients include YC-backed, Inc 5000, and venture-funded companies, as well as soon-to-IPO tech unicorns, global consulting firms, publicly-traded companies, and venture capital firms.

Our team is a “Meeting of the Minds” encompassing serial entrepreneurs with something to prove, who also lead well-rounded lives and care deeply about our work.

Visit to meet the team :).

We’re backed by Forum Ventures, a pioneering remote-first company (we’ll be announcing this corporate backer publicly in a few months, but ask about it during your interview) and 50+ “value-add” angel investors including the co-founders/CEOs of Gainsight, Vendr, Bbot (acquired by DoorDash), Convene, as well as the 13th employee at Airbnb, and various clients turned investors.

We are building a company to serve the needs of our clients and partners for decades to come, as the future of work continues to take shape, and with this hire we are looking to find a founding team member who is excited by the promise of #startuplife.

Comp and Benefits:

The starting salary for this role is $110k – $140k (depending on experience). You will also be eligible for equity options in Offsite.

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