Bellawatt builds transformative and user-friendly software products for some of the leading energy companies including PG&E, Sunrun, and the DOE. The energy industry is undergoing massive changes and our clients are increasingly using modern software to help solve their biggest challenges and unlock new opportunities.

We are growing and looking to add a Senior Product Designer to our small team of energy veterans and software experts. You will advocate for and design the best possible products for our variety of energy industry clients ranging from utilities to novel software & hardware companies. On a day-to-day basis, you will be conducting full-cycle design work including participating in user research, strategic UI/UX and visual design, and delivering high-fidelity prototypes. Your role will involve deeply understanding stakeholder needs and you’ll work directly with our product managers and developers, and they hope to learn from you as much as you’ll learn from them.

For more about our team and how we work see our work philosophy: Please note that we are async by default and strive to avoid unnecessary meetings. Instead, we hope the extra time in your day will be spent on creating truly thoughtful designs specific to the unique problem spaces you will encounter.

About You

In case it hasn’t come across explicitly, you’ll have a lot of autonomy and we’ll be relying on your sense of product and strategy to make decisions on behalf of all of us. As such, we are requiring 2+ years of experience designing software, and hope you would describe yourself as a:

  • Fantastic Communicator. You know how to articulate your reasons for or against critical decisions, and are capable of disagreeing and committing. You equally enjoy giving feedback and receiving advice for both soft and hard skills. Your ability to communicate is excellent across all mediums: spoken (meetings), written (reports), and presented (presentations).
  • Detail-Oriented, Self-starter. You are detail-oriented even when writing an internal message. In addition, you’re able to handle ambiguity, anticipate problems, and don’t need to be handed the whole picture to get started. You may have even been a freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur previously.
  • Non-Dogmatic. You understand that most decisions aren’t binary and require an understanding of the trade-offs. Similarly, you do your best to try to see things from other people’s point of view.

In addition to your general skills, you have well-established experience fulfilling key Senior Product Designer responsibilities, including:

  • Full Product Cycle UI/UX Design Experience. You have experience going through a full product lifecycle: performing and synthesizing user research and customer feedback into product requirements, working with product management & engineering to prioritize and work through constraints, and delivering from both low-fidelity to high-fidelity, production-ready designs.
  • Deep Design Process & Tool Knowledge. You’re able to iteratively translate PRDs into User Journeys, Information Architecture, Light Wireframes, to complete polished High-Fidelity Wireframes and Prototypes. You’re also fluent in working efficiently with collaboration and prototyping tools (e.g., Figma, Miro, Adobe CS).
  • Visual Design chops. You have a firm grasp of Visual Design, including typography, desktop or mobile user interface, color, layout, and iconography and aren’t shy about completing UI designs with visual design polish or occasionally working on non-UI/UX work, such as marketing material.
  • Complex Stakeholder Management & Vision Setting. You have experience being the voice of design on a team with a variety of stakeholders ranging from upper-level management, to various teams throughout an organization; in addition, you have a keen ability to translate cross-functional needs into clear direction for your team that ties into a cohesive, motivating vision.

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