About Workspace:
Neo4j Workspace is the framework that brings together our user tools (Bloom, Browser, and Data Importer) into a single experience. It has a critical role in users’ discovery, learning, and productivity.

As Product Manager for Neo4j Workspace, you will work with a world-class team to meet the needs of developers, data scientists, data analysts and other data practitioners. You will have the opportunity to evolve a product that users love, in a growing space that is rapidly becoming one of the most impactful categories in database & data science. This is an exciting and impactful role, and you will work with an amazing globally diverse team spread between Silicon Valley (San Mateo), London, and Malmö Sweden.

The Role:
This role includes classic PM functions, focused around key areas & initiatives inside of the product, with a strong focus on user experience and user interface design. You will have a very close working relationship with Engineering, Field Engineering (pre-sales), Growth Teams, Product Marketing, and technology partners. In a true startup fashion, expect to work very closely with your Neo4j colleagues across the company on a day-to-day basis, bringing focus & clarity inside the whirlwind crescendo of chasm crossing. You will report into the Product Management organisation.

Based in the UK, Sweden, Germany or US Eastern time zone with availability for 10-15% Travel.

What You’ll Do:
-Gathering information from the user & partner community, and various other sources, as input into requirements for the areas of the product for which you are responsible
-Validating those requirements with the market, and working with -Engineering & Product Marketing to ensure the features and benefits are well articulated & understood
-Quantitative analysis of adoption & usage metrics, to support PM insight & prioritisation
-Collaborating with PMs of other user facing tools on product vision, roadmap creation and execution to deliver new functionality and capabilities through Neo4j Workspace
-Helping Engineering to understand not only the user requirements, but the business reason underlying the requirements and their relative priority
-Supporting the Field Engineering team with questions about roadmap, RFP responses, and deep product understanding
-Working closely with Docs team to ensure new & existing features are communicated clearly and in the right way throughout the manual, user guides, tips, messages, and other touch points
-Supporting the work of our teams focused on product-led growth, acting as a bridge between business units
-Becoming a trusted advisor with respect to the product, in particular for the areas of the product with which users will interact directly, to support product strategy, product marketing, technology partnerships, developer relations, and sales & pre-sales.

To embark on this mission, you will have:
-10+ years of professional experience
-3+ years as a Product Manager for products that use modern user interfaces
-Experience with user journeys, being able to switch between the macro and micro lens to inform product design
-Experience with full-stack applications, including familiarity with front-end app dev frameworks (e.g. React) and backend API frameworks (e.g. GraphQL or REST based)
-Knowledge of key tenets of product-led growth
-Strong background showing you know how to build products that deliver a cohesive learning experience
-Experience of cloud-based (SaaS) and self-deployed products
-A refined sense of end user empathy built from quantitative and qualitative understandings of user needs
-Passion for understanding the root of a problem, and enthusiasm at devising & testing creative solutions
-Great communication and collaboration skills, with a proven ability to drive a roadmap with cross-product dependenciesA desire to cultivate trust and understanding with engineers, customers, partners, and all of the other groups with whom you will be working
-Hands-on experience working with databases & data integration
-Strong preference will be given to candidates with graph database experience, especially with Neo4j

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