Senior Product Manager

Intus Care is looking for a product manager to take ownership and grow our existing technology product.

You will be responsible for positive outcomes for our customers and for the business. In order to achieve this, you are expected to facilitate collaboration among the product team to select the best opportunities to pursue, generate innovative solution ideas, and rapidly test your assumptions about these ideas to vet them before we build.

You will work with our design and engineering team to discover solutions that are:

  • Valuable (will people use it?)
  • Usable (will people be able to figure out how to use it)
  • Feasible (can we build it?)
  • Viable (can the business support it?)

As a product manager, you are responsible for testing if solution ideas are valuable. This means you will need to develop a deep understanding of our users and customers, both through qualitative means like observation and interviews, as well as quantitative means like user analytics.

You are also responsible for making sure solution ideas are viable. This means you will need to develop a deep understanding of the various functions of our business (sales, marketing, customer success, compliance, etc.).

Once confident that a solution idea is a good one, you are also responsible for facilitating the delivery of the solution with the product team, measuring its success, and adapting as necessary.

Attributes we are looking for in a candidate:

  • Open-minded and adaptable
  • Critical thinker, question-asker, and problem solver
  • Growth mindset, always learning
  • Strong attention to detail, but knows when to make a decision and move on
  • Humble, honest, transparent
  • Driven to make a difference in the world
  • Strong communication skills
  • Diverse background and experience

Experience of most qualified candidates:

  • You have a strong understanding of various product discovery techniques and have experience using them
  • You have a strong understanding of the process of delivering technology solutions with a product team (engineering & design) and have experience doing so
  • You have a history of solving difficult problems using data, logic, and judgment
  • You have demonstrated the ability to learn a domain very deeply and quickly
  • You have demonstrated the ability to learn how your work fits in with the various functions of a business