Product Manager


Lead a high-performing, communicative and inspired cross-functional team towards solving real customer problems with elegant yet lean solutions. Balance business objectives, customer needs and technical viability in a way that ensures all parties respect the outcome. Focus on making significant contributions towards absolute business outcome rather than the number of features shipped. Be selfless and share the glory when the team wins, yet take responsibility and protect the team when they lose. Hustle everyday and don’t wait for people’s approval to fix something that’s wrong. Be relentless in your own personal development and that of the team. BE PASSIONATE.


  • Vision – You understand the overall product vision of the company, and consistently evaluate whether the contributions of you and your team fit into that vision.
  • Delivery – You follow a strong agile process, up-keeping a well-groomed roadmap and backlog, with concise intermissions, wireframes & user stories where appropriate.
  • Leadership – You lead a high-performing, communicative, cross-functional team through influence rather than authority, always ensuring they’re inspired to hit a clear and common goal.
  • Customer focus – You have the best understanding in the business of what your customer truly needs, bringing together feedback from the likes of customer interviews and usability testing with information obtained from internal sources such as sales and customer success.
  • Solution design – You always strive to craft the perfect feature, bringing together customer needs, business objectives and technical viability in order develop the most impactful feature without the unnecessary scope.
  • Data analysis – You are data-driven to the core, and have the ability to use data to diagnose problems, validate features and report on product performance.
  • Stakeholder management – You’re a fantastic communicator, reporting up (to management) and sideways (to stakeholders and the company) in an inspirational, clear and effective manner.
  • Product intuition – You aren’t afraid to take a risk, and possess the product intuition to know when to think big (or stop) when you might be approaching the local maximum.


  • Over 2 years of experience as a Product Manager
  • Experience owning your own product strategy, KPIs, roadmap and backlog
  • Experience using Lean startup principles
  • Experience running customer interviews
  • Experience working within an agile team
  • Experience pulling, crunching and analysing data
  • Excellent analytical and creative problem-solving skills
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills; fluent English speaker
  • Strong understanding of technology
  • Self-driven and organised – you don’t need hand-holding or micromanaging


  • Experience managing a B2B / Enterprise product
  • Experience working in a startup
  • Experience working within a cross-functional team