Product Growth Manager


Our tester community is the lifeblood of Global App Testing, and as we scale we require a larger amount of testers and devices from across the globe to meet our ever-increasing customer demand. The role of the Product Growth Manager is to establish a data-led view of our tester community, and use that data to lead a cross-functional team that will improve tester acquisition, onboarding, training and retention in order to build the biggest and best pool of professional testers in the world.


  • Strategy – Define the long-term strategy and associated KPIs to build the biggest and best pool of professional testers in the world.
  • Data measurement & analysis – Work with data every day to understand where we need to grow our tester community based on our customers’ current and predicted demand.
  • Acquisition – Identify the key channels to reach our target testers then build, execute and experiment with various marketing campaigns to acquire them within budget.
  • Onboarding – Create an onboarding experience that nurtures the highest quality testers and weeds out the chaff.
  • Training – Continuously work with our tester community to ensure that they always have the materials and feedback they need to develop their skills, thus deliver better results.
  • Retention – Build a retention strategy that ensures that testers in key locations are engaged and have a constant stream of work.
  • User-focus – Truly understand what drives testers to work with us and use that knowledge to develop a value proposition that ensures that testers won’t want to work for anyone else.
  • Leadership – Lead a cross-functional, agile team consisting of developers and sourcers, as well as shared marketing, design and QA resources to work towards your strategy & KPIs.
  • Stakeholder management – You’re a fantastic communicator, reporting up (to management) and sideways (to stakeholders and the company) in an inspirational, clear and effective manner.


  • Over 2 years of experience as a Product or Growth Manager
  • Experienced at driving growth within a tech company
  • Experienced at pulling, crunching and analysing data
  • Experience setting up (creating campaigns, landing pages etc.), monitoring (via dashboards, web analytics) and optimising (via A/B testing) marketing campaigns
  • Strong understanding of technology
  • Strong at writing persuasive copy
  • Strong analytical and creative problem-solving skills
  • Self-driven, organised and resourceful
  • Excellent English skills


  • Experience scaling supply-side for a two-sided marketplace
  • Experience within an agile environment
  • Experience working in startups