Job Summary

Slope’s Product Manager will lead the tactical planning and execution of high-quality product initiatives that make the Slope platform better, faster, and stronger. This position will closely collaborate with cross-functional teams of developers, researchers & designers, and stakeholders & domain experts to help ensure that the platform truly meets the needs of customers in support of our business objectives.

A day in the life of a Product Manager at Slope runs the gamut from organizing and prioritizing product intentions to shaping emerging features and running product initiatives. The Product Manager is a champion for Slope’s product development lifecycle and seeks to balance scope, time, and cost with both confidence and flair.

– Stay in touch with qualitative customer research to inform feature definitions and software solutions. The Slope product team conducts ongoing research activities such as 1:1 customer interviews, site visits/contextual inquiry, usability testing, and surveys.
– Manage the Product metrics dashboard to regularly measure the impact of features in the market and inform the ongoing evolution of the product platform.
– Conduct appropriate analyses to deeply understand, outline, plan, and execute quality product initiatives. Such analyses might include conducting collaborative workshops, drafting a mind map or other type of diagram to understand a problem space, or creating a spreadsheet of customer feature requests.
– Prioritize development work by coordinating with the high-level product roadmap reflecting business intentions, strategic objectives, and customer needs, and balancing envisioned work against development team bandwidth and feasibility concerns.
– Generate thorough and meaningful work items for the development team. These work items reflect appropriate details on target users & product contexts, incorporate the detailed interaction design forms & behaviors created by product team colleagues, and capture expected outcomes.
– Support tactical software development activities by collaborating with cross-departmental team members individually and in meetings to ensure that work items are thorough for the developers & QA team members who consume them, and that product outputs are meaningful for the customers who receive them.
– Lead and participate in regular meetings within the software development lifecycle to work effectively with cross-disciplinary stakeholders and teammates.
– Perform appropriate project management activities to obtain, set, and maintain delivery expectations from the delivery team and radiate statuses and updates to stakeholders and teammates.
– Support customer communications by drafting release notes and keeping customer education materials up-to-date.
– Support maintenance efforts for the software platform by being a part of the triage team that handles incoming bugs and issues.
– Stay deeply engaged with internal company communications to help keep product, development, and QA activities all rolling along smoothly.
– Other duties as assigned

Experience & requirements
– 5 years of experience performing technical product management for SaaS products, working closely with software development teams and shipping solutions to market in a timely manner.
– 4-year degree or equivalent experience.
– Demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong cross-functional partnerships at all levels of the organization.
– Strong business acumen and ability to understand and drive business objectives.
– Deep understanding of product development models and approaches.
– Experience with clinical research and developing software in compliant environments is a plus, but not required for this role.
– Can work autonomously and rapidly learn, apply, and remix knowledge to address immediate and future challenges.
– Strong organizational skills, including an ability to perform under pressure and manage multiple priorities with competing demands for resources.
– Adaptability and ability to manage rapid change in business needs, processes, or technologies.
– Experience with exercising persuasive and rhetorical skills to socialize solutions moving into development and help keep stakeholders and customers aligned with product priorities.
– Mastery of cross-functional team collaboration in a remote environment.

Who we’re looking for
– A candidate with a passion for improving patient outcomes.
– An innovative, enthusiastic, and dedicated individual who is hungry to drive value in a scale-up. Given any problem area, you are eager to do what it will take to turn that opportunity into a concrete and ideally scalable solution that delivers benefit to customers and the business.
– Someone experienced with the principles and practices of product management and agile product ownership.
– Someone who loves performing the more technical aspects of product management, while collaborating closely with talented design and engineering colleagues, to deliver delightful user experiences.


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