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Summary and about Currents

Currents is hiring our first Product Manager to oversee digital product discovery, definition, and delivery of our platform: a marketplace designed for end-of-life electric vehicle batteries intentionally designed for automotive OEMs and second life energy storage integrators. Currents is an early-stage startup that closed an institutional fundraise with HG Ventures in November of 2022 to finish our v1 marketplace and go-to-market in the coming months. Everything we do is guided by achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and our mission is to enable the closed loop economic model for all stakeholders in the end-of-life EV battery value chain by optimizing, modernizing, and driving value throughout this new supply chain.

About the role

As Product Manager, you will work closely with the Founder & CEO, Anthony Garbarino, to internalize the vision and bring the marketplace experience to life. You will be responsible for informing our long-term digital product vision, goals, metrics, and roadmap. You will translate that strategy into concrete objectives over the short and medium term with detailed plans of action to achieve them. In the beginning, you will also work closely with our digital product agency to deeply understand our minimum viable product and bring it to market. You will develop a product trio of equals incorporating design and engineering, and allow each role to bring their unique perspectives forward. As we grow, you’ll design the digital product experience function—what it’s responsible for, how it interfaces with other teams, and how it will grow and develop over time. In the first 12 months:

– You will oversee and coordinate the design and development of our minimum viable product, bring it to market, and own the product experience
– Assist in operations of the marketplace as needed
– Work closely with external stakeholders to deeply understand their pain points
– Oversee the integration of customer feedback into the design process
– Provide product leadership and insights as we move from MVP to version 1
– Manage the launch of our platform and overall customer experience, and set the stage for proving product-market fit

What we’re looking for:

– Alignment with our values and vision of contributing toward net zero
– Someone who thrives in early stage startup environments, is willing to do some dirty work, and obsesses over customers and their problems
– A proven ability to deliver and ship digital products – someone who has built products, not just managed them
– Ability to identify stakeholders and codify business requirements
– A motivated, innovative, cross-functional leader who gets an organization working together towards strategic objectives
– Ability to make smart bets anchored in measurable goals, identify bold steps towards them, fail fast, analyze, optimize, and experiment continuously to achieve them
– Someone who is not averse to being hands on, and who can function creatively in a resource-constrained environment

Must have:

– 8+ years in product management building and shipping products users love
– Experience building and leading a digital product team
– Previous product management experience with B2B products
– Team builder that works effectively with cross-functional partners
– Experience driving product goals, go-to-market strategy, and design discussions
– Expertise in developing and managing a product roadmap and driving business impact
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Nice to have:

– Energy industry and supply chain experience or knowledge
– Previous early stage startup experience
– Experience working with remote teams

What we offer:

– Competitive compensation package that includes a mix of salary and equity
– $120k-$150k annual salary based on experience
– Benefits package including full health, dental, and vision coverage
– Fully remote work
– Paid time off
– Room for growth and additional equity based on achieving outcomes in an early stage startup


Currents is based out of Portland, Oregon, but we have a fully remote workforce for the time being. As we grow, we will travel to work together in person throughout the year to grow closer as a team.

To apply:

Please send an email to with a resume, and fill out this form.

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