Full-Time Remote

About Mahway: Mahway is a venture studio with a mission to create 20 inspiring companies with unicorn potential. We originate business ideas in-house, validate them, develop them, hire the founding team, and raise capital. We tend to focus on fintech, B2B vertical SaaS, and health tech, but we often explore outside of those focus areas.

Why this role exists: You would help the Mahway R+D team take ideas that we are talking about and turn those into concrete reality through product concepts, critical features, user stories, MVP definition and exhibits, concept drawings, roadmap, and feature sequencing.

Mahway originates biz and startup ideas from scratch, we need people to help with the very first steps at the ‘blank canvas’ stage, strategy + concept, thinking and creation of exhibits. We have design resources to leverage but they need direction.


  • You’ve worked with engineering development teams
    8+ years of design experience (you’ve done digital product design, screen design, UX/UI)
  • You’ve had real experience in a “translation” role (e.g. helping business people and designers work together by understanding both sides of the table)
  • Thrive in a remote-first work culture
  • Someone with a lot of client services experience (meaning they’ve done tons of variety of projects, rather than someone who’s worked on 3 projects total, each for long periods).
  • You have sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities but are willing to sacrifice for the sake of speed


  • You operate within agile and design thinking methodologies
  • You’re a Figma power-user
  • You are a good writer and an excellent communicator
  • You can explain your designs, and design strategy, to non-designers in a way that enables them to make high-quality decisions
  • You can express complex concepts in visually


  • You are a structured thinker
  • You are a strategy-driven designer
  • You are empathetic, self-aware, and introspective
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty, and “half-baked” direction
  • You are comfortable “killing your darlings” and pivoting within projects and goals
  • You hold strong opinions loosely

In the first 90-days:

  • You will work with our EIRs to develop solutions for market problems (examples: defining product concepts, critical features, user stories, MVP definition and exhibits, concept drawings, roadmap, and feature sequencing)
  • You will create smoke test websites using no-code tools and landing page builders
  • You will direct visual designers to create brand and marketing assets to support your work
  • You will participate in making sure the R+D OKRs are met
  • You will help to define business ideas and get them understood, approved, and funded

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