Product Operations Lead

Full-Time South Kensington, London Closes: 2023-03-01

Are you passionate about product management? Would you like to be part of shaping how Imperial College’s IT department transforms to being product led?

The role is a key part of the Imperial Products team with responsibility for leading an empowered Product Operations team. This team works proactively to support product lines in making the right strategic decisions to deliver their product roadmaps and realise value for the Imperial community.

As a key enabler of Imperial’s transformation to becoming a product led IT department, the Product Operations team ensures product lines can deliver the outcomes required for Imperial College. The role of the Product Operations team is to help product teams embed and streamline best practices, drive data based decision making for our product portfolio and provide insight and guidance on the portfolio through user and market research.

As the Product Operations team is newly formed you will have the opportunity to shape the direction of product operations and how we embed a product led approach in ICT. This will provide you with the opportunity to directly impact the creation of amazing outcomes for Imperial College across our whole product portfolio.

Duties and responsibilities

    • Provides guidance to product lines on product best practices and tooling – i.e. use of roadmapping and product delivery tools such as Aha!, Jira and product dashboards to view product performance
    • Supports product teams to manage user research and gain insights from the activity to input to product roadmaps.
    • Improve user experience, working to create an amazing experience underpinned by excellent service.
    • Analyses data to assess product performance against expected performance – ensuring products are adding value and doing what’s needed. Turning this data into actionable insights for the Product teams.
    • Managing product budgets and ensuring spend is value for money and directed in the right areas of the product portfolio.
    • Supports the best use of resources across the portfolio – ensuring the right skills are in the right places.
    • Provides leadership of the Product Operations team, coaching and managing team members to realise their potential.
    • Shares best practices in product management across all of ICT and externally as a thought leader.

Essential requirements

    • Leadership and coaching of team members
    • Experience of creating and managing product roadmaps
    • Delivery management capability, with ability to proactively identify issues potentially impacting delivery
    • Ability to provide portfolio level view of product performance


    • Established a product operations team
    • Delivered service improvements across a product portfolio
    • Experience in managing user research