Product Leader (Hospitality Growth)

Full-Time Remote

What we do

AltoVita provides flexible living to employees anywhere in the world.

Most corporations, NGOs and government agencies do not typically endorse the use of (other) property platforms by their employees, because they do not deem them sufficiently safe for staff in their care. Therefore, companies have to resort to a highly fragmented property distribution system and as a result employees experience a slower, less transparent and more expensive journey to finding temporary accommodation for professional travel.

This is where we come in. Our founders experienced the frustrations of temporary corporate accommodation firsthand and decided that safety shouldn’t be a sacrifice. Today, the AltoVita platform boasts over 1.5 million properties in 1,553 locations and 165 countries, with a key difference: every property is vetted and Duty of Care compliant, and our customer service team is on hand 24/7 to assist should any issue arise. This is why more and more organisations want us to take care of their employees’ stays away from home, and why employees all over the world will know who we are by 2025.

About the role

Experienced senior product leader, capable of driving product and business outcomes from ideation to delivery with an analytical mindset and user-focused.
You will take ownership of crafting the product vision and strategy to build the most connected and enriched ecosystem in corporate accommodation and extended stay, becoming the go-to API to connect with for business travel and global mobility.


  • Craft and execute product vision and strategy to build the most connected and enriched ecosystem in corporate accommodation and extended stay, becoming the go-to API to connect with for business travel and global mobility.
  • Execute AltoVita’s three-pronged hospitality growth, connectivity, and value creation strategy.
    • Growth: PLG self-onboarding and enhancement of proactive onboarding efficiency.
    • Connectivity: Maximise already integrated connectivity, execute integration plan, and set up AltoVita API as the connectivity industry standard for an extended stay.
    • Value Creation: Data-driven strategy and execution with a timeline for data analytics, reporting, revenue, and occupancy optimization, and any other relevant value proposition to hospitality operators.
  • Ensuring our hospitality inventory is optimized and aligned with our demand, becoming a multiplier of AltoVita’s value proposition for both demand clients and hospitality growth operators.
  • Meticulously scale the company’s duty of care SOP to maintain close to zero escalations.
  • Work closely with the executive leadership team to align the product roadmap with the business strategy and vision and drive toward commercial OKRs.
  • Continuous research and self-learn for new products, product enhancements, and product redesign, unlocking opportunities, creating product defensibility, and driving recurring revenue growth.
  • Work with Engineering and Design to craft the best solutions for our customers, ensuring a consistent cadence of value delivery, iterating based on the learnings while reducing debt in all of its facets (e.g. product, technical, operational).
  • Collaborate to build a strong product culture within AltoVita and mentor (or manage) fellow product managers.


  • Experience in the problem domain. Successful candidates usually have 2+  years of experience in travel or hospitality connectivity.
  • Extensive experience in similar roles in product startups, scale-up companies, and/on entrepreneurial roles. Successful candidates usually have 5+ years of experience or more in similar roles.
  • Experienced in data-informed product development and capable of autonomously generating insights through the analysis of data, and making decisions based on those insights.
  • Extensive experience in Product Leadership roles delivering B2B SaaS products is essential. PLG and/or B2B Saas for Global 2000 companies will be a plus.
  • Strong leadership and organizational abilities, together with motivational and interpersonal skills.
  • Skilled in several user research methods and when to apply each one in order to generate insights and make decisions based on those insights.
  • Able to work, and align, with multiple people and teams throughout the several stages of the product development cycle.
    Strong communication skills (in English).

Ways of Working

AltoVita is a fully remote team. Although we have regular touch-points throughout the week, share a virtual office on Wonder, and meet up in London twice a year, trust is essential for us to work effectively as a team. Our founders empower us to make decisions autonomously, and in turn expect that we also empower our direct reports.

Join our Team

AltoVita is the sum of every member of the team. We know that a strong team is a diverse team, and are therefore committed to being an equal opportunity employer, so please bring all of yourself to the interviews and most importantly to our team.

Becoming an AltoVitian means you will benefit from:

A team that will always put you first
Incredible opportunities for growth and career advancement
A fully-remote working environment, and the flexibility to be the master of your own schedule
Wellness benefits and a wellness budget, which can be spent on a range of options including gym memberships, home meal delivery services, mindfulness applications, and many more
Two unforgettable team-building gatherings in London every year for AltoVitians from around the world
A work-from-home allowance to get your home-office set up
23 days of paid vacation, on top of national holidays, so you can recharge or explore