Data Platform Product Manager (UK/SA)

We are Rebels. Inventors. Magic Makers.

Our world class consumer insights platform allows creators to create brands, ads, products and shopping experiences that people love.

We were founded in 2012 with the dream of creating end-to-end automated research. Fast forward 10 years and we have 1,000+ happy customers, 100,000+ ideas tested and we operate in 50+ research markets. Pretty impressive right?

So how do we do it?

Our platform provides access to actionable, quick and smart insights to amplify creative effectiveness and shape winning innovation, empowering creators with the agility and the data they need to make better decisions about the ads and innovation they take to market.

Through working with some of the biggest brands in the world, we’ve built technology that lets our customers see their product innovations and advertising ideas through their consumers’ eyes so they can quickly iterate, optimise, validate and learn — increasing their chances of in-market success.

What we value

We believe in hiring people that want a chance to do their best work. We believe product managers work best in an environment that allows them to occupy and lead their space, with a strategic framework that supports collaboration and data-driven decision making.

We believe the greatest products are built on a deep understanding of customer needs and challenges, and that the only way to achieve this is through curiosity, collaboration and unfettered access to our customer base. We align as a business on the challenges we need to solve and trust product teams solve them in the best possible way.

We value experimentation, failing fast and being bold. We practise continuous delivery and fast iteration. We hate politics, gate-keeping, unfairness and toxic behaviour. We believe in transparency, even when it’s unflattering. We believe in honesty, even when it’s uncomfortable. We treat failure as a learning opportunity. We believe in ethical and responsible business practices, having a positive impact on the environment and our communities. Zappi is a B Corp.

What you’ll be working on

We’re going through an incredibly exciting period of change, having secured Series C funding at the end of 2022, and are looking to recruit an experienced product manager to help us refine, grow and exploit our single greatest asset – our data.

At Zappi, product managers have the space to create and deliver on their long term vision, backed by a leadership team and business that supports you in turning vision into reality. You’ll be accountable for leading a team through discovery, analysis, delivery and usage of solutions and features, advocating for customers, sharing context with your team and delivering value to Zappi.

We have a strong culture of positivity, collaboration and ambition, with product design, product marketing, operations, expertise and customer teams working closely with product. You’ll work closely with these teams to deliver successfully.

What you will need

You are able to demonstrate the characteristics of an experienced product manager (this is generally more than 4 years experience)
You balance working for tactical gain with progressing towards a long term vision
Experience working with large datasets is desirable, including: data cleaning, database management, data monetisation and exposing data via third-party APIs
You’re an exceptionally strong collaborator with other product managers and product teams, used to managing dependencies in order to deliver value
You are able to understand complex systems and subsystems, with a somewhat technical appreciation for data modelling
As comfortable coming into a project that’s already started as you are kicking off something brand new
You are confident using data to inform leadership, context setting and decision making within your team
You don’t need to take the glory and are happy letting others take the credit for great work in order to make the most of the diverse talent at Zappi
You’re passionate about great customer experience, making complex things simple, all while improving our users lives in the process.

The Process

We understand you may be involved in many interview processes, so we don’t expect our candidates to complete any take home exercises. If you apply for this role, you can expect:

HR screening call – A short 15 minute call with our hiring manager to check how suitable you are for the role and cover any administrative points
Product Leadership interview – This is a 1 hour session with members of the product leadership team. During this session, we’ll focus on your product experience, skills and ambitions, with plenty of time to dig into the specifics of the role. This is a chance to get to know product leadership and establish if the role is the right fit for you
Cultural interview – This is a 1 hour informal session, usually spent with your future team. This is a chance for you to learn more about what it’s like working for Zappi and to hear more about what you will be working on. If you are based near one of our offices, we offer the option to come into the office so you can get a real feel for working with us.

The salary range for this role is £60-80k per annum. Salaries are benchmarked annually.
Unlimited holidays – we want well rested and motivated teams so encourage people to take plenty of time off. We don’t cap your allowance but do set a minimum of at least 20 days per year plus national holidays.
Private medical healthcare cover
Group risk, life & disability contributions
Flexible working arrangements, including remote (unless otherwise specified)
Thoughtfully designed offices to support both individual work and collaboration without interrupting others.
Generous hardware budget – get what works for you.
Support setting up your home office, if appropriate (chair + desk, etc)
Wellbeing benefits such as free yoga and access to trained therapists / counsellors
Tailored personal development through training allowances, coaching, mentorship and career frameworks.

Why join us?

We’ve been recognized as one of the hottest martech companies in 2022 by Business Insider and named Best Place to Work by Quirk’s Media for our engaging and inclusive workplace culture. We’re committed to both people and the planet.

Our belief in inclusion means we’re building an organisation of diverse individuals and helping brands eliminate cultural presumptions in their research. Read our Diversity Manifesto here.

We are a values and behaviours driven business and believe that Trust, Truth, Ownership, Ambition and Humility describe Zappi employees on our best day. This is how we strive to show up for our customers, for each other and for our communities.

Earning B Corp certification assures us we’re on the right track and have structures in place to become the business we want to be.

Our commitment to minimise our impact on the environment means being honest with ourselves and transparent with you—about everything from carbon emissions to tree-planting initiatives. We achieved our goal of becoming Net Zero in 2021!

Zappi Company Culture Highlights

  • Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Company for Women 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Company Work-Life Balance 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Company Compensation 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Company for Women 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Company for Diversity 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Company Culture 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best CEO 2022
    Winner of Comparably’s Award for Best Happiness 2022
    Winner of Newsweek’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces in the UK 2022
    Check out what our currency employees have to say about us on Comparably!

Equal Opportunity

Zappi is an equal opportunity employer; our diversity is a major strength. We maintain a constant dialogue with our teams and wider communities about how we can become a more inclusive place to work.

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