Web Product Manager

Here at ESI we are looking for an experienced Product Manager to take over our key web projects, including both our primary customer-facing portal and our API connectivity endpoints. This is a technical PM position, as you’re feeding a team of full-stack web developers who thirst to understand the “why” of their work and who occasionally need guidance on which details matter. We need a Maker who is capable of interfacing to customers, engineers, execs, salespeople, and support staff — you know, a real PM. This is not a remote position, though we do provide a large amount of flexibility for weird hours and occasional remote working.

We’re a 30 year old privately-held, rapidly-growing business of less than 200 people, so there’s pitching in under other hats; if you keep peas and carrots totally segregated on the plate our collaborative culture may irritate you. We provide business phone service to hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the USA from our single HQ in Plano, Texas and we take the headaches of our customers, and our employees, very seriously.

The TL;DR top 10 for the bullet-obsessed:

  • 3+ years of product management experience (even if the title wasn’t PM)
  • Strong technical knowledge of web development, platforms, and APIs a must
  • Experience as a developer a strong plus! (show us your website)
  • Ability to interface at multiple organizational levels
  • Strong presentation, communication, and leadership skills
  • Good understanding of development and planning tools (e.g., JIRA, git, Rally)
  • Passionate about cross-functional team dynamics
  • Highly analytical (data obsession is fine with us)
  • Must be local to the Dallas area or willing to move at your cost
  • Makers/Builders/Fixers wanted!