Product Lead

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Job Description
You will be accountable for driving best product management practice and demonstrating tangible customer / business impact to boot!

We’re seeking an outcome-focused Product Lead to help us accelerate our digital growth and embed a product mindset and culture throughout the organization. You will be working closely with 8+ Product Managers and their stakeholders across several business units (e.g., Cybersecurity and Media & Entertainment), actively supporting specific product outcomes whilst constantly working to up-level our product organisation.

The best fit for this role will be someone who has experience:

Leading, or working within, a mature product function that lives and breathes a customer-centric, test and learn ethos. You know what good looks like in terms of product management skills, behaviours, and processes, and can adapt and embed these at Informa Tech.
Alternatively, you’ve built, or been part of, a nascent digital product function that rapidly matured, achieving stunning success in terms of customer and business outcomes. You’ve taken the rest of the organisation with you on the journey and now everyone in the company thinks and acts like a product manager. You have all the scars, lessons and wisdom from that experience to apply at Informa Tech.
Coaching other product people to achieve specific outcomes, demonstrably improving their product management skills and the ability to positively influence non-product management people in their teams.
You will play a critical role in the Product function achieving its desired outcomes. These are:

a) a best-in-class product management capability with a clear focus on customer and business outcomes

b) standardised product management tools, techniques and process – with all the good customer-focused, data-informed, build-measure-learn ways of working baked into everything we do

c) non-Product colleagues have visibility of what Product Managers are doing and the value they add

d) the Product team are champions and drivers of culture change within the org. The whole company have adopted the type of mindset, behaviours and process that are exemplified by the Product Managers

e) we’re making a positive and quantifiable difference to the lives of our customers and the organisations they work for

You will act as an internal Product expert who is deployed into business units or strategic initiatives to embed a product mindset, behaviours and processes. You’ll be working closely with Product Managers in the different business units while rolling up your sleeves and getting hands-on to make things happen. After achieving success in one part of the business you’ll rinse and repeat it in another part.

If you’re a leader and a doer who thrives on taking colleagues on the product journey and achieving tangible customer outcomes, then this role is for you. Additionally, you’re a passionate, proactive and outcome-oriented person who thrives in complex but ambitious organisations.


Go-to person: you act as the product management go-to person for our Product Managers and stakeholders across the different business units. You coach and mentor people to achieve specific outcomes, both on a 1:1 basis and as part of a wider internal PM community which you drive.
Customer-centricity: you understand how to discover the needs of your customers and use this to make effective decisions on where to focus and what to prioritise. You support Product Managers in their activities to obtain customer insights early and often.
Success metrics: you help Product Managers identify the North Star metrics for their respective business units, working backwards to determine leading indicators to focus on.
Product lifecycle: you apply a growth and experimentation mindset across the product lifecycle to ensure products solve problems our customers care about in ways that are easy to use and profitable for the business.
Customer experience: you discover and map the end-to-end customer experiences, enabling you to identify and execute opportunities to better serve our customers
Data & analytics: you have high data literacy. You can analyse data to extract insights and inform decisions. You identify opportunities to unlock value from data and initiate experiments to run.

Digital product management: extensive experience managing, growing and scaling digital products and services.
Building capability: experience building and maturing product management capability, transforming organisations into engines of lean product development.
A/B testing: hands-on expertise with A/B testing tools, processes and analysis.
Analytics: expertise in web analytics and other analytics and reporting tools
Digital best practices: in-depth knowledge of best practices in user experience, SEO, engagement, funnels and conversion.
Methodologies: demonstrable experience applying product development methodologies such as lean, agile and jobs-to-be-done.
Get things done: highly organised, resourceful and action-oriented with experience driving focus, clarity and prioritisation in a fast-paced environment.
Comms and visibility: effective at managing expectations and communications (written and verbal) to all levels and disciplines in the organisation.
Brain power: outstanding creativity, analytical and problem-solving skills. Highly pragmatic and adaptable. Ability to balance big-picture thinking with small scale tactics and attention to detail.