Senior Product Designer

Senior Product Designer (Remote) needed by Career Badger (Consumer, B2C, Mobile) on a part-time/contract basis.

N.B. Please read until the end BEFORE applying.

We are a “boot-strapped” start-up focused on helping Gen Z professionals succeed in their job search and careers.

We need help to develop designs and customer experience to build innovative and delightful new products focused on helping our customers reach their career goals… and who knows, perhaps lead happy, fulfilled lives as well!

Our products need to work elegantly across devices, i.e. mobile/desktop, app/browser and solve real world problems in style.

You will need to extend our (soon to be released) new brand guidelines into an Atomic Design library.

Experience we are looking for:

  • (Required) +4 years in Product/UX Design Roles
  • (Required) Demonstrable examples of Atomic Design
  • (Preferred) Experience in 1 or more of following: consumer business (B2C), mobile apps, Gen Z consumer, marketplace, complex processes… (please highlight in your application)


About Founders

We are two experienced product and technology professionals used to working in a rapid prototyping, agile, incremental methodology… and well, its a start-up!!

We have +10 years joint experience in recruitment/HR-Tech platforms as well as a range of previous start-ups; some successful, others… less so!


To Apply

Please include your portfolio (URL or PDF) and ideally highlight 1-3 examples of recent, relevant projects.
Any CV/Resumes should be 1-2 pages max!
To get special consideration (and demonstrate that you read to the end) add the word “BADGER ME” at the top of cover note.


P.S. here’s some resources to help you differentiate yourself from other designers in the market:

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